ILLUMENATION 2003 is a European film school festival taking place from April 22nd to 26th in Helsinki, Finland. It is non-competitive and non-annual. It will present the latest student films from approximately 21 European countries.

Each invited film academy will select it's newest and best films to be screened at Illumenation. The festival programme consists of 23 screenings, approximitely 90 minutes each. Films from each category - animation, fiction and document - will be screened in the festival. The screened films are subtitled in English. A podium discussion between the audience and the filmmakers will take place after each screening.

In January 2000 The festival takes place in the Lume Media Centre, the biggest venue for mediatechnology in Nordic countries. Opened in January 2000, Lume offers brand new facilities for the Media Lab, the Department of Film and Television and the Department of Design for Theatre, Film and
Television in the University of Art and Design Helsinki. Lume provides
an auditorium with a seating capacity of 350, a studio theatre, a
broadcast standard digital tv-studio (300 square meters), a
multipurpose film studio (500 square meters) and a gallery and foyer
for exhibitions and presentations.

phone: +358-9-756 30130
Festival Director Anna-Maija Lehtinen-Kluth +358-40-551 8262

Mediakeskus Lume
Hämeentie 135 C
00560 Helsinki