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Most of the enquiries generated by this list concern Finnish architecture. There is still no one comprehensive updated site to refer you to.

Finnish Architectural Review

The magazine of The Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA) is partially on the web.

I also found the exhibition Finland Builds 9.
"Finnish Architecture 1992-1997 is the prime national exhibit for the best recent architecture and building. This exhibition covers architecture of the last five years, and is the ninth in succession..."

The Alvar Aalto Museum

"The Alvar Aalto Museum specialises in architecture. It preserves, researches and maintains a permanent display of material related to Aalto's work as an architect and designer. It also oversees building conservation, arranges exhibitions and distributes information, principally on topics related to Aalto."

The Museum of Finnish Architecture

"The Museum has large collections of drawings and photographs of Finnish Architecture, and an extensive architectural Library. The Museum arranges exhibitions in its own spaces, elsewhere in Finland and abroad. It publishes architectural books, arranges lectures and provides an information service. The Museum participates in international collaborative projects in its field."

I've linked you to the Finnish pages - The English ones have been under construction for a few years now.

Embassy of Finland, Washington DC

Includes a pictorial tour of the new embassy building.
..."The embassy building has rapidly established itself as the newest landmark of Washington DC, as well as a showcase of the essence of Finnish architecture and design - "the face of Finland to the United States", to quote Ambassador Jukka Valtasaari."...

Arch-Tours Oy Ltd

Guided tours to Finnish Architecture

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@ Finnish Comics Society / Suomen Sarjakuvaseura ry

"...In 1971 the Amos Anderson Art Museum in Helsinki arranged an international comics exhibition, and at the same time the Finnish Comics Society was founded. Members of the Society are comics artists, readers, collectors, critics and researchers. The Society gives information about comics to public as well as to different governmental and cultural organizations...
The Society publishes a quarterly called Sarjainfo...

The site includes links to the major international comics sites and maintains a comprehensive list to Finnish sites.

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@ The Information Centre for Dance in Finland

"The Information Centre for Dance in Finland was established in 1980 to produce and provide information about dance in Finland and to promote international co-operation in the sector. The Information Centre serves both professional and amateur dancers as well as anyone interested in dance".
This site really does what it promises. A comprehensive and timely list of links to Finnsh Dance is included.

The Finnish Dance Server

A very matter of fact categorized link list.

VK Photo Archives

"Following pages introduce dance photo archives of photogarapher Veikko Kankkunen"

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@ Finnish Design

This stylish and comprehensive site aims to be the definitive place for information on Finnish Design on the web.
The collaborators are Design Forum, The University of Art and Design Helsinki, The Design Museum, and Ornamo - The Finnish Assosiation of Designers.
(Updating seems to be a bit scetchy.)

Museum of Art and Design

The Museum of Art and Design, established in 1873, is a national specialist museum and internationally recognized exhibition centre. In addition to its permanent collections, it arranges several special exhibitions every year. The picture archives and database contains up-to-date information on designers and all areas of Finnish design.

University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH

The UIAH conducts work in many fields of Design.
This list is a part of the UIAH Art Navigator.

Faculty of Art and Design, University of Lapland - Taiteiden tiedekunta, Lapin yliopisto

"The Faculty of Art and Design at the University of Lapland was founded in 1990. It is the youngest of four faculties at Finland's northernmost university...
The Faculty offers three degree programs: Art Education, Media Studies and Industrial Design."

The Kuopio academy of crafts and design

VPU Pukutehdas Oy

The Boreus Collection clothing and accessories catalog.

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(See also the section Organizations.)

Finnish Art Universities and Faculties

Sibelius Academy - Sibelius-Akatemia

The Sibelius Academy maintains a superb list of Music Resources which includes a section covering Finnish Music and Music in Finland. Their other web resourse lists are very good, too.

University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH

UIAH is active in many fields of art and culture.

The Theatre Academy of Finland

University of Lapland This university has a Faculty of Art and Design. Currently I can't find anything about it in English.

The Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki

The material here is still mostly in Finnish.
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Events and Festivals

Finland Festivals

Finland Festivals is a cooperation organisation for the principal cultural events in Finland. Its 62 member festivals attract a combined annual audience of more than 1.8 million visitors to events involving more than 20,000 performing artists.

Helsinki, European City of Culture

Helsinki is one of the nine European Cities of Culture in the year 2000.
One of the projects in this endeavour is Transplant Heart which aims to produce collaborative sculpture and production oriented long-term cultural exchange.
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Film, Cartoons, Animation

The Finnish Film Foundation

(Needs javascript running even to browse - so I don't know what's in here. Should be comprehensive, though.)

University of Art and Design, Department of Film and Television

"The main purpose of the department is to support and develop the traditions of cinematic expression and the philosophy of the cinema. Consequently, the focus in all teaching is on the importance of professionalism and the distinctive characteristics of the cinema as an art form. The department is also committed to developing and strengthening the education, sensitivity and originality already shown by the new generation of film makers spawned at UIAH."

Media Centre Lume

The Media Centre Lume, one of a kind in the world, is a centre for training, research and production in the in the field of audiovisual media. It provides a setting for excellence in film and television production, new media and scenography all under one roof. Offering state-of-the-art premises and equipment for teaching and research, it allows professionals and students in the Finnish content production sector to focus on the growing challenges of communication, audiovisual culture and entertainment.
Lume is part of the University of Art and Design Helsinki.

AVEK, The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture in Finland

"AVEK was established in 1987 to promote cinema, video and television culture. It is responsible for the management of funds which arise from authors' copyright entitlements,...
AVEK's support activities cover the entire field of audiovisual culture, emphasis being on the production support of short films and documentaries."

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Galleries and Exhibitions

The Gallen-Kallela Museum

This museum has exhibitions on the web.

Bonk Business

The Bonk site is now perhaps appropriately a Defunctioned Disinformation System and no longer available.
"From the humble beginnings of an anchovy fishermans family more than 150 years ago, Bonk Business Inc. has grown into a multiglobal industrial enterprise at the forefront of 3rd millennium technologies. The company is the world leader in fully Defunctioned Machinery, Cosmic Therapy applications, Advanced Disinformation Systems (ADS), Repacked consumer products and LBH (Localized Black Hole) technology."

Multimedia by Marita Liulia

Promotional sites for Ambititous Bitch and Son of a Bitch.

The Artists' Association of Finland

Information on the exhibitions of the Association is available.

Paintings by Kaj Stenvall

An extensive collection of works organized by year of creation.
... "Stenvall gained a lot of publicity with his duck paintings which he started to paint in the late 80's. Besides the nordic countries, Ducks have been seen in St. Petersburg, Madrid and London." ...

(link checking done up to here, 15.1.2000)

Famous Finns Today

A collection of short biographies of some noteworthy Finns, mostly artists. Pictures by Pekka Vuori. Maintained by Finfo.

Ama Gallery

"Ama Gallery is owned by the cultural cooperative Kulttuuriteko based in Turku, Finland." "... the gallery presents monthly exhibitions of Finnish contemporary art, mainly graphics."

ProArtist's Web Gallery

"... a channel (from) painters to the art audience." A gallery of paintings on the web.

Art Halvare Gallery

"Please find hereby info for the gallery. Gallery is situated on the centre of Oulu."

Zinc Gallery

A gallery in Stockholm "specializing in contemporary photography with an emphasis on Scandinavian and East European artists".
Includes many excellent young Finnish artists.

Chemistry Art Gallery

"Welcome to the Chemistry Art Gallery containing spectacular visualization and animations in chemistry done at the Visualization and Animation Laboratory at The Centre for Scientific Computing (CSC) by the Visualization Group." This site also contains an extensive list of links to other sientific visualizations.

NoVision's Page

" NoVision (also known as Noviisikilta Ry. ) is a community of young artists and scientists, formed 1987. We have been making alternative artwork and multimedia productions, including Artshows, short films (8mm, 16mm, 35mm, TV, video) etc. ..."
The site includes a Virtual Gallery.

Anderssonart homepage

"First there is clean / puhdas / ren - an analogue experience transferred into the bitworld. It is based on a sculpture-performance given at Galerie Sculptor, Helsinki, Finland...or you can choose your way through one of the three dusty stories..."


"Tic Box Interaction for the Verbally Gifted:
These pages dealing with submission are ready for your texts. By carefully controlled selection process will be placed in The Golden Box of Wonders or in The Honorary Shitbox."
(The authors of re-evolution are involved in this).

Taiteiden rajamailla. Graffitien jäljillä sanoin ja kuvin / Graffiti

The site is in Finnish, but you might look at the Digital Graffiti Gallery.


Web art by Best and Puustinen. One of the most advanced Finnish sites using the web as an art medium.

40 Days in the Wilderness

40 DAYS IN THE WILDERNESS is an photographic exhibition arranged by Centre for Creative Photograhy, town parish and rural parish of Jyväskylä.

Art Gallery Helena Juntila

Paintings by Helena Juntila

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Literature and Libraries

Kaapelisolmu - Kabelknuten - Knot at the Cable @

..."The Knot at the Cable is a pilot project in the field of equal access to electronic information, an electronic publishing house for the non-governmental organisations, cultural movements and individuals which form the membership of Katto-Meny, the cooperative society which maintains the technical system, and the Internet node of the Cable Factory"...
From the literature list on their home page you can access e.g. Electric verse written by living Finnish and Finland- Swedish poets, The Finnish Literture Forum.
This site maintains lists of Finnish Culture sites, too.

CultNet Finland

Mostly in Finnish.
"Our main goal is to gather all the publishers and bookstores in Finland under a same Internet address. Other goals concern Finnish film industries and movie theatres and Finnish business life."


"In digital media, such as hyper- and multimedia, it is possible to combine the expert knowledge of ethnographic data collections, visual and graphics design, and the latest computer technology in innovative, advanced and sophisticated ways. In the EtnoLab, this concept is applied to the study of Folkloristics, Visual Anthropology and the Anthropology of Art."
Have patience and navigate through the Finnish.

Kalevala ja Kanteletar

The texts of these books in Finnish.

Suomalaisia kirjastoja ja informaatiopalveluja - Finnish Libraries and Information Services @

Many of the libraries listed here also provide information in English.

Public Libraries Enterpage @

A site for almost anything concerning Finnish Libraries on the net.

Project Runeberg

Project Runeberg, founded in December 1992, is an open and voluntary initiative to create and collect free electronic editions of classic Nordic literature and art.

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Magazines and Publications
(Mostly in Finnish )

@ A complete list of Magazines and Publications can be found in Lisko, a Finnish Subject Catalog. Below some examples.


"Kudos - Finnish Culture and Beyond"
"Kudos is a new webzine devoted to Finnish culture in all its forms - literature, comics, movies, music, architecture, industrial design, philosophy..."

" is an internet magazine published by the Green Cultural Association with focus on ecological philosophy and environmental thinking...

...The gallery introduces artists who, in their work, deal with themes that are interesting to the ecological discussion."
A goof list of links on ecological issues can be found in the Links section (linkit).


... "Tästä lehdestä löydät kaiken olennaisen kirjallisuudesta, kuvataiteista, sarjakuvista, musiikista, elokuvista, animaatiosta... Vihkojen sivuille mahtuvat kaikki kulttuurin muodot"...
A culture magazine.


City-lehti on vuodesta 1986 ilmestynyt urbaanin Suomen maksuton pää-äänenkannattaja. Se ilmestyy Helsingissä joka toinen viikko ja Turussa, Tampereella, Lahdessa, Oulussa, Jyväskylässä, Porissa, Vaasassa sekä Joensuussa kerran kuukaudessa. City kertoo kaupungin tapahtumat, ilmiöt ja nostaa esiin ihmisiä ja puheenaiheita.


Kunnianarvoisan Yliopisto-lehden WWW-versio.
Helsinki University's Magazine

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@ The Museums of Finland

A list of all the museums in Finland? The source is The Finnish Museums Association, so it very well might be.

The museums are listed in three ways:
alphabetically    (aakkoset)
by type    (tyyppi)
by location    (paikkakunta)

The lists are basically in Finnish with the English names of the museums added on. Bare with us. Many of the museum sites this list leads to do have proper pages in English.

The Gallen-Kallela Museum

"An art museum of varied aspects at Laajalahti, Espoo."
"Akseli Gallen-Kallela (1865-1931), Finland's national artist, designed and built his studio and home at Tarvaspää near Helsinki in 1911-1913. In the 1961 Tarvaspää was opened to the public as the Gallen-Kallela Museum."
"The collections of the Gallen-Kallela Museum present the artist's rich and varied oeuvre"...

"The Gallen-Kallela Museum stages special exhibitions 3-4 times a year on various themes."

These special exhibitions are also presented on the web and are well worth viewing.

The Alvar Aalto Museum

"The Alvar Aalto Museum specialises in architecture. It preserves, researches and maintains a permanent display of material related to Aalto's work as an architect and designer. It also oversees building conservation, arranges exhibitions and distributes information, principally on topics related to Aalto."

Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova

Two museums in the City of Turku, Aboa Vetus is archeology and Ars Nova is modern art.
"Turkuun avataan 3. huhtikuuta 1995 kaksi uutta museota. Aboa Vetus eli vanha Turku esittelee Turun ja koko Suomen historiaa 1300- luvulta nykypäivään. Ars Nova eli uusi taide keskittyy nimensä mukaisesti nykytaiteeseen."

The Finnish National Gallery

Valtion taidemuseo (in Finnish), Statens konstmuseum (in Swedish)

"You can learn about the Gallery's past and present, and also visit the collections at its three specialist museums - the Museum of Foreign Art, Sinebrychoff, the Museum of Finnish Art, Ateneum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art - which cover a period of eight centuries. Children can take their own special routes through the Ateneum. The page called News and Exhibitions tells you more what is going on at the various museums at the moment."
The site includes lots of pictures of the exhibits.

Kiasma - Museum of Contemporay Art

The Finnish National Gallery has a new building for contemporary art in the middle of Helsinki.
The web site itself will probably be very state-of-the-art, too.

The Tampere Art Museum

The Tampere Art Museum is renowned for its active exhibition policy, the Young Artist of the Year event, wide-ranging publication activities and Moominvalley, which can be found in the city library. The Tampere Art Museum presents important themes from art history and phenomena of contemporary art in both its Finnish and international exhibitions. The museum's collections consist mainly of domestic art from the early 19th century onwards.The Tampere Art Museum also serves as the Regional Art Museum of Pirkanmaa and organizes art events and services for the area.


The Moomin collection is based on author-artist Tove Jansson's original Moomin production: Moomin books, illustrations and three-dimensional tableaux. The pearl of the collection is the blue, five-storey miniature Moomin house.

The City of Tampere

Look here for other sites in Tampere e.g. The Sara Hildén Art Museum, the only normally operating Lenin Museum in the world, and the Tampere International Short Film Festival.

Lusto - The Finnish Forest Museum

Lusto is a national forest museum and an exhibition and activity centre. Lusto and its surroundings form a many-faceted whole, a story covering the millennia of the interaction between mankind and the forest.

(The Finnish Forestry Association has its own pages on Forest history and culture in their extensive Forest Finland site).

Heureka, The Finnish Science Centre - Heureka, Tiedekeskus

Heureka organizes exhibitions on various scientific themes.

Northern Finland

The museums of Northern Finland and Scandinavia are groupped together in the list Nordkalottmuseets medlemsmuséer - Pohjoiskalottimuseon jäsenmuseot which is not yet available in English. The list includes:

The Aine Art Museum

"The Aine Art Museum is a versatile meeting-place for the visual arts. In the exhibition rooms you can see a sample of the Aine Pictoral Art Foundation's collection and temporary exhibitions"

Oulun taidemuseo

The Art Museum of the City of Oulu

The Arctic Centre and The Arktikum

Arktikum House is a museum and science centre specialising in the arctic regions. It acquaints visitors with the fascinating world of the peoples living north of the Arctic Circle, as well as their cultures, surroundings and history. Arktikum House comprises two independently operating institutions: The Arctic Centre and The Provincial Museum of Lapland. The Arctic Centre is a separate multidisciplinary division within the University of Lapland. Activities at the Centre include research, an information service, teaching and exhibitions held at the science centre. The Centre collects and supplies information from Finland and abroad about arctic cultures, and develops their understanding. The Provincial Museum of Lapland records, preserves, researches and exhibits the nature and cultural heritage of Lapland, and follows their development. In addition to research work, the Museum's activities include teaching, publishing and exhibitions.

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Music @

The Sibelius Academy's and Rockdata's lists cover the Finnish Music Scene.

Sibelius Academy - Sibelius-Akatemia

The Sibelius Academy maintains a superb list of Music Resources which includes a section covering Finnish Music and Music in Finland . Their other web resourse lists are very good, too.


"RockData is a WWW-database about Finnish Rock scene with hundreds of contacts. RockData includes information about Finnish record companies, booking agents, bands and artists, venues & festivals, rock-zines, newspapers, local radio stations.."
An awesome site for fans of Finnish rock.

The Finnish National Opera - Suomen Kansallisooppera

Presentation and opera, ballet and concert programs

The Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra

"Concerts, Musicians, Tours, Gallery" ...
From YLE - The Finnish Broadcasting Company.

"This is the domain for all Finnish music. Choose from the four sites for different kinds of music. Choose Watt for live music. Enjoy your ride with RealAudio plug-ins."
Probably the most stylish music pages in Finland.

Finnish Composers and Lyric Writers ELVIS Association

A page in English to introduce this association in an otherwise Finnish site.

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The Ministry of Education - Opetusministeriö

The administrative field of the Ministry of Education can be said to relate to the whole lifespan of an individual and includes the following: basic general education, vocational training, higher education, adult education; financial support of students; science and research; the arts and all the different cultural sectors; copyright; youth affairs; sports; ecclesiastical affairs; and Finland's participation in international cooperation in these fields.

The National Board of Education

Virtual Finland

These pages contain a wealth of information on Finland.
I've listed them in the section Organizations, since they are published by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.
The main page lists picks of the month of which four out of five where art and culture sites in the month this was written - culture is high on their agenda.

From the main page I suggest going to Finfo - Finland Information Pages and from there to the Arts and Entertainment section.

Their Virtual Finland Approved Links selection is very impressive. The best starting point for anyone interested in Finland. It includes a section for links to Arts and Entertainment.

The Newsroom Finland section also includes the Arts Weekly. Don't be intimidated by articles being listed by date only.

The Artists' Association of Finland - Suomen Taiteilijaseura

"The Artists' Association of Finland (AAF) is the umbrella organisation of Finnish visual artists. Visual artists are members of associations of professional artists, viz. the Finnish Painters' Union, the Association of Finnish Sculptors, the Society of Finnish Graphic Artists, the Society of Artist Photographers and the Union of Finnish Art Associations, formed by local art and artists' associations. AAF and its member organisations have together founded Kuvasto, the Visual Artists' Copyright Association..."

Ars Fennica

"The Henna and Pertti Niemistö Art Foundation ARS FENNICA was established in 1990. The Foundation is intended to promote the visual arts and to open up new avenues for Finnish art in the international arena."

This site illustrates the works of the nominees for the Ars Fennica prize.

Suomen Kulttuurirahasto - The Finnish Culture Foundation

Suomen Kulttuurirahasto on vuonna 1939 perustettu yksityinen säätiö. Se edistää suomalaista kulttuuria jakamalla apurahoja ja palkintoja sekä järjestämällä ja tukemalla kulttuuritilaisuuksia. Suomen Kulttuurirahasto on maamme yksityisistä apurahoja jakavista säätiöistä suurin. Se tukee kaikkia tieteen ja taiteen aloja.

Taiteen keskustoimikunta

Sisältää mm. Apurahat . TKT:n Tiedotus- ja tutkimusyksikön alla on mm. EU ja kulttuuri -tietopalvelu

Christian Artists Finland CAF

Christian Artists Finland CAF is a non-profit organisation, aiming to bring artists and art lovers and friends together, to support their identity based on christian faith and ethics, and to promote interaction of art with cultural and society life.


"Welcome to Seattles FinnFest USA 99 home page!"

"This page is your source of information about FinnFest USA 99, the active Finnish community of the Northwest and Finland. Bookmark this site so that you can easily check back for frequent updates on FinnFest '99 as it unfolds. In addition, browse around and youll discover a very comprehensive site with the latest information on FinnFest USA '99 and a variety of topics about Finland and Seattle -- from the worlds longest word to the best place to find a good latte in Seattle."

This site maintains a comprehensive list of links to anything concerning Finland.

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The Web Gallery of The University of Art and Design Helsinki

The Gallery links to the web pages of the Department of Photography and the Computer Aided Photography Laboratory.

The Finnish Museum of Photography

Coming up on the web. The site will have information also in English soon.

Photonet - Studio Pitkänen Ky On-Line Photo Agency
Photonet - Studio Pitkänen Ky:n Online kuvatoimisto

Finnish Landscape at a glance.
The Picture Gallery is brought to you by Studio Pitkänen Ky, which is a prominent picture archive in Finland. Our selection is based on Matti A. Pitkänen's photograps (FRPS, EFIAP, APSA, Finnish Academician) which amount to 40 000 color slides.

See also dance for dance photography

Apertuura Galleria - Photograph Gallery Apertuura

Apertuura on kuvalliseen viestintään erikoistunut palveluyritys, jonka toimipaikkana on Joensuu. Yrityksen toiminta-ajatuksena on tuottaa kuvallisia ja eri aistein nautittavia tiedollisia elämyksiä.

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The City of Helsinki / Helsingin kaupunki

This site includes Even ts in Helsinki in 1995 and Arts and Culture in Helsinki.

Suomenkielinen osa on laajempi ja sisältää muunmuassa:
Helsingin tapahtumat ja muut tapahtumasivut
Helsingin Taidemuseot ja muut museot
Helsingin kaupunginkirjasto


Art in Turku. A comprehensive site which is actually updated. One of the best art sites in Finland.
Includes art links elsewhere, too.

Raahen kulttuuri

A school's project on culture in the city of Raahe.
"Seminaarin yläasteen projektityö. Projektin tarkoituksena on tutustuttaa oppilaat oman paikkakunnan kulttuuriin."

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The Theatre Academy of Finland

The Theatre Academy (TeaK) is the highest art university of its kind in Finland that offers training in the fields of theatre and dance. Graduates of the Academy are either versatile visionary theatre professionals, qualified teachers or leading researchers in the fields of theatre or dance.

Helsinki City Theatre

Introduction, Calendar, Tickets, Program, ...

Q-teatteri / Q Theatre

Tove's Designs

The home page of stage designer Tove Ahlbäck.
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Web Resource Providers for Culture and Art

Kaapelisolmu - Kabelknuten - Knot at the Cable

..."The Knot at the Cable" is a pilot project in the field of equal access to electronic information, an electronic publishing house for the non-governmental organisations, cultural movements and individuals which form the membership of Katto-Meny, the cooperative society which maintains the technical system, and the Internet node of the Cable Factory"...
electric verse written by living Finnish and Finland- Swedish poets
This site maintains lists of Finnish Culture sites, too.

MUU Artist Association
Taiteilijajärjestö Muu

"M U U is an artist run organisation based in Helsinki, Finland. Its 250 members work in the fields of media arts, performance, installation, environmental art, conceptual art, critical theory, and in various interdisclipinary projects."

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