U N I V E R S I T Y of A R T and D E S I G N

C E R A M I C S & G L A S S


Bachelor of Arts Degree

The BA degree (120 cr) provides comprehensive knowledge of ceramics and glass materials, and the basic skills in working them. Students can specialize in ceramic and glass art or product design. The primary goal of the BA degree is to lead the student to work independently and to develop his or her artistic vision. During their studies the students produce a portfolio to be evaluated as a degree work at the end of the period of study. The BA degree from UIAH provides access to our MA study program.

Master of Arts Degree

The MA degree (60 cr) seeks to develop the student's critical professional outlook as artist or designer. Through projects, practice and seminars the student is able to specialize in art work, product design, research or education, and to acquire broader professional skills according to his or her personal interests. The degree program makes allowances for the changing requirements of the profession such as computer-aided design and manufacture, new production methods, researcher training, and all the challenges of internationalization. Students are also able to participate in research programme in the Centre of Ceramics and Glass Studies.

This degree programme (60 cr) is international in character. It is possible to apply the programme with a BA degree in ceramics or glass from any university of the world. The evaluation of the applicants is based on personal portfolios and interviews.

Doctor of Arts Degree

There are very few opportunities for doctoral studies in the field of ceramic and glass art and design in Europe. The development of research facilities at the University of Art and Design has been rapid over the last years, and the Department of Ceramics and Glass offer a doctoral student an active graduate school with students working on their doctoral theses. Our graduate school offers courses organized by the Centre of Ceramic and Glass Studies, as well as the general post-graduate courses of the UIAH. The courses change yearly and are planned together with the students to ensure their feasibility.
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