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The author of Arteology is Pentti Routio, Lic.Sc.(Tech.), M.Sc.(Archit.), who gives a class of similar content (Research Methods) annually in the University of Arts and Design Helsinki.
The class is given in Finnish each January-February, and in English when necessary.

Address and telephone

Kulosaarentie 25 b,
FIN 00570 Helsinki.
Tel. 00 358 96 84 91 19
alt. 00 33 4 97 21 17 64

Curriculum vitae

Date and place of birth: Akaa, Finland. February 10, 1934


Academic appointments in reverse chronological order

Major publications

Architectural Designs

Annex to Palojärvi primary school, Vihti, Finland



The extension was designed to a beautiful building from ca. 1930, designed by Eljas Paalanen and consisting of two class-rooms and two apartments for teachers. In order to avoid intruding upon the older architecture, the new building was placed a little aside.


As an afterthought one might now wish that the changes that were made to the old building had been even more discrete. It might have been possible to avoid moving the entrance, removing some of the wooden listels, and changing the colour outside from red to brown.

But the manners were like that, then.

Apartments for the employees of Vihti municipality




The architectural firm Pentti and Tapio Routio designed in 1967 three buildings containing 20 apartments for the employees of the commune of Vihti.
The site lies ca. 50 kms to NW of Helsinki.

The site was rocky and steep and contained an old one-family house.
I tried to preserve it, but eventually only the foundation made from large cut stones was saved.



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August 3, 2007.
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