Make a Book of Arteology?

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Mexico 58 360
Colombia 22 002
Venezuela 21 504
Finland 16 135
Perú 12 287
United States 9 188
Spain 8 707
Dominican Republic 3 466
Ecuador 4 024
Chile 6 581
Argentina 4 563
El Salvador 2 209
Bolivia 3 186
United Kingdom 2 531
The site of Arteology has been monitored since February 1, 2007, by the site counter "Google Analytics". From February 1 until March 1, 2007, the total number of visitors to all its pages added together were 196 157. The countries from where most visitors came during these two months, are listed in the table on the right.

Many, perhaps the majority, of these visitors come from universities and schools. This is known because of numerous emails from visitors who have found a page useful in their problems, and because many teachers in universities have asked the permission for using the material or for giving copies of it to students (though the permission is already given on the page Downloading, so that it would not have been really necessary to ask for it).

However, for students and researchers it is not quite convenient to print the text directly from the Internet. The printing abilities of all popular printers today are modest, especially at page breaks. They often split a picture or a table in two fragments on consecutive pages, and a subtitle often comes at the bottom of a page, separated from the paragraph where it should belong. Besides, there is some redundancy - some paragraphs are repeated on two or more pages - and it is also arduous to print all the 72 pages that a language version of "Arteology" contains.

For all these reasons a printed book would be much more convenient when the "Arteology" material is used as a text-book or as a handbook in research. I feel that any university that actually is using the material should consider publishing a printed book of the language version that they are using.

To help assessing the appearance and extent of a printed book, I have made tentative manuscripts of two language versions of the book:

These texts are in Word format, and it is possible to print them directly on paper, though the result is not quite finished yet because redundancies still occur, many cross-references to page numbers are missing, index, bibliography and some pages are absent, etc.

In the case that the extent of the book seems excessive, it is possible to consider omitting the final chapters (starting from the page 350 in the manuscript) that describe theory paradigms of products and professions. The respective www pages have received (according to Google Analytics) only 15% of the total number of visitors, while the pages on methods and epistemology of research have attracted 85% of the visitors.

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August 3, 2007.
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