The Finland-based Hungarian artist Hilda Kozári uses smells in her work. Her own term for the project that articulates the realm of smells is 'nose-vision'. Kozári investigates the way smells evoke memories of places and people…

Maaretta Jaukkuri , chief curator of Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art Helsinki

Dangling globes filled with scents invite visitors to enter, breathe deeply and be transported to distant cities, in this case, Paris (Gauloises and perfume), Budapest (paprika and exhaust fumes) and Helsinki (woods and sea). Washington's olfactory profile is left to the imagination. …

Linda Hales
Washington Post Staff Writer about SAUMA exhibition

Projects in 2006

Memotrip.Finnish Christmas? installation is communitacing with the collection of the Finnish National Gallery/ Ateneum Helsinki. The exhibition is taking the visitor by the spicy smell of traditional Finnish Christmas into a personal trip of memory far away in time and space.

Kozári’s Japan Café exhibition is dealing with the sense and culture of culinary heritage and multicultural resources of urban life in the past and future at the Hungarian Center for Culture and Sciences Helsinki. In the Common Table installation she is inviting her guests participating in the symbolic conversation of the cafeteria.

Moving in Margins group exhibition presents the new SenseGraffiti installations, a process work with visually impaired students, at Vantaa Art Museum Finland. The hard concrete wall (inside the exhibition space) and the tunnel (outside on the street) are softened with marks of felt and fragrances. These are the thoughts and messages translated into signs and Braille, allowing the visitors to sense not only visually. Agression and money more readily occupy social space, but this work is the billboard for modest, quiet girls, transformed into their public existence.

Thenew KITCHEN and CAFÈ series of paintings and drawings is connected to the memory of different kitchens/cultures. The works inspired by Marcel Proust and Sarolta Kovács-Pintér (the artist’s grandmother, who was a marvellous cook) are realised on 40x40 cm, ”handmade size” plywood panels. Ink and paint play a similar role as coffee, tea or spices...

The first two pieces in the series are exhibited in 2B Gallery Budapestand A.I.R. Gallery New York in the Domestic Goods show of women artists.

AIR olfactory installation at SAUMA Finnish group exhibition touring in the USA


Some previous exhibitions:

air-therapy at Gallery Leena Kuumola, Helsinki

Air-therapy exhibition is a space for healing winter depression.The installations and the works are influence through fragrance the state of mind, refreshing memory. The pictures are in our own heads.

lLLAT/FRAGRANCE at Fészek Artists´s Club Gallery Budapest

painting-series: the memory of 7 years in Finland, Finnish tar painted on wood panels

Process - Senses/Spaces group exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art / Kiasma Helsinki

group exhibition of:Hilda Kozári, Markus Kåhre, Ernesto Neto, Kivi Sotamaa & Juha Huuskonen, VALOgym by Susan Elo, Tuija Järvenpää, Tuula Pöyhönenand Riley Robinson

AIR installation
perfumes of Helsinki-Budapest-Paris
The bubbles of the installation contain the smells and memories of the cities, designed together with Esa Vesmanen. The creation of the perfume was realised in a Paris with the cooperation of perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour at the laboratories of Symrise.

In this installation the video images are transparent like air and vague like some pictures in my memory, leaving space for the beholder. The accurate definition of the urban landscapes is given by the sense of smell, bringing to mind different, individual memories.

Nina in the Air – video by Hilda Kozári and Esa Vesmanen. The video based on the performance in the bubbles by dancer Nina Hyvärinen.

Why is a visual artist interested in the sense of smell?

When I recalled my memories, or asked other people about important mosaics of memory, all linked to the sense of smell. I realized that I should focus on this, without separating the connections between perception, sense, memory and identity.As thoughts, discussions, poems or pictures, I would like to share the smell-memories I have. Hilda Kozári