Nordic Design Research Series

Nordic Design Research Series is a new series published by IT Press, Helsinki. Primarily, it publishes books that are relevant to Nordic experience. The series is a part of a Nordic effort to set up design research. Its volumes are based on original research coordinated by experienced researchers, who use their experience to give younger researchers opportunities to publish. It encourages unconventional ways of doing research.

Aims, audience, and topic

Books in the series aim to advance design research in Nordic countries by giving students access to original research. The series is primarily aimed at advanced students, doctoral students and researchers in industry and universities. Topically, the series encourages submissions that combine design with new forms of technology, including information technology and experiments with new materials. > Information for contributors

Titles (Fall 2005)

- Binder, Thomas and Maria Hellström (eds.) 2005. Design Spaces. >Read more
- Redström, Maria, Johan Redström and Ramia Mazé (eds.) 2005. IT+Textiles.

- Koskinen, Ilpo, Katja Battarbee and Tuuli Mattelmäki 2003. Empathic Design.

Book orders and inquiries

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