Adjunct professors (docents) at the School of Design

Name Position Doctorate in Docentship's area How to Find
Ainamo, Antti Professor, University of Turku business administration design management
Arminen, Ilkka Professor, University of Tampere sociology research on interactive technology
Isomursu, Pekka Senior lecturer (?), Oulu software engineering user-centered design, esp. mobile devices, services and applications
Jacucci, Giulio Senior research scientist, Hki Institute for Information Tech software engineering embedded technology, ubiquitous

Koskennurmi-Sivonen, Ritva University lecturer, home economics and craft science craft science fashion design
Kurvinen, Esko Research manager Industrial design designing mobile & ubiquitous services
Luutonen, Marketta Managing Director, The Finnish Craft Organization University of Helsinki, craft science textile culture
Uotila, Minna Prof. University of Lapland education textile design and

In process in 2009:

Name Position Doctorate in Docentship's area Where to find
Alhava, Antti architecture, HUT interior design, Taik interior design, city space
Kankainen, Anu Helsinki Institute for Information Technology psychologist user-centered design
Lindberg-Repo, Kirsti Swedish School of Economics marketing
Mäkelä, Maarit UIAH, coordinator, doctoral school DCDS ceramic design at UIAH practice-based research
Räisänen, Riikka University of Helsinki, craft science (?) microbiology textile design


20 Nov 2009, IK