29.3. 19:15 The rest of the lecture on analysis added, with stuff on a few key complications like recursivity an irreversibility. I'll continue to small N later in the lecture series.

21.3. 16:15 Lecture on analysis added. Note: I am coming to the lecture directly from the airport. I ought to have enough time, but things happen with flights. I call someone from M√ľnchen if my plane is late. This applies also the the next week's lecture, though I am then coming from Amsterdam.

19.3./08:45 Antti Oulasvirta's talk added.

4.3./15:50. Lecture 6 updated. Change in schedule: Antti Oulasvirta talks in two weeks (18 March); I'll only introduce the idea today.

24.2./9:20pm Sorry: I've been up to my neck in doing quality systems and Aalto evaluations (I sincerely hope the whole structure crashes) > I'll add the lecture just before 4pm on the 25th.

3.2. Lecture 3 added.

19.1. Rooms: the first lecture is in 6099. From then on, all lectures are in 857.

18.1. Concerning spaces. I have reserved lecture rooms ages ago, but cannot access Taik mail to see where they are. In any case, lectures are on the 8th floor. I'll update this site when I get to the system, probably late Monday afternoon.

17.1. There were 11 registrations for the class on Friday, so it will begin as planned 21 Jan at 16:15.

11.1. Exact schedule added to Lectures