Some Design Research Journals

To design conferences page. Note! Papers published in the following journals can be used as articles in work leading to doctoral thesis. Obviously, there are lots of others, too.

A list of journals without commentary.


- The Design Journal. Note: this is a sample page from a British design journal, edited by Rachel Cooper (Salford U, Manchester) and Jack Ingram (Birmingham)

- The CoDesign Journal (Taylor and Francis)

- recently, I have published design papers in Knowledge, Technology and Policy.

- International Journal of Design. This is truly international, and therefore interesting. In early 2008, they have a CfP for Cultural Aspects of Interaction Design.

- Design Issues (has a strong humanist emphasis, design history, theory, philosophy)


- Design Studies (orients towards engineering, processes, and technology, but publishes less technical design papers once in a while)

- Revue Internationale des Sciences et Techniques de la Conception / International Journal of Design Sciences & Technology (a French journal, but accepts papers in English)

- The Journal of Design Research (published annually by TU Delft, as the site tells)


- Artifact (a new journal, not great, but let's give it a chance)

- Design Philosophy Papers (published by an Australian design consulting & education company in Queensland, Australia)


- The Design Management Journal (and Review) (publ. by DMI, the Des Mgm Institute)