Interaction for Designers (2 credits)

School of Design, UIAH, Week 7 (16.–18.2.2005)

Course materials

* Syllabus // Assignment

* Lectures: (Please, if you refer to these lectures, mention source)

- Sara Routarinne's lectures

- Pirkko Raudaskoski's lectures (video...1-3) ((as small pdf files: multimodal technology; collecting & transcribing data))

Extra: A Crash Course to Ethnomethodology (Ilpo Koskinen)

Objectives, Contents

The course will give an introduction to how Conversation Analysis (CA) and Interaction Analysis (IA) can be used in product design. The gaze is lifted up from the object itself and its potential meanings/usages to how people actually orient to the product as it is being used in their everyday practices. The first part of the course maps out the basic principles of CA, and how embodied interaction can be researched from the perspective of accountability (i.e. that in all interactions, the participants can make accounts of what they see/hear, and that they are accountable for what they do). The second lecture concentrates on possible methods to find the crucial actions for further analysis, and dwells a bit on how meaning/feeling can be analysed with the CA perspective, and finishes with some examples of technology research with various analytical interests and levels. The last part of the course presents practical hands-on methods for data collection, transcription and analysis, the latter of which often happens in so-called data sessions. We try to provide enough time for discussion and questions throughout the course.

Requirements: active participation in the class and an essay
Level: doctoral students and advanced Master's students

You are welcome to bring your own video materials to the data session. (Please contact ilpo.koskinen (at), pirkko (at) or sara.routarinne (at) in advance.)


Wed 16.2. Room 885 12-16
1. Introduction to interaction (& technology) research Time 12-14
Sara Routarinne: The principles of CA (everyday conversation, institutional interaction)
Pirkko Raudaskoski: CA/Interaction Analysis (& technology research): accountability in embodied interaction
2. Multimodal technology: Introduction to practice-oriented research 14-16
Pirkko Raudaskoski (with Sara Routarinne and Ilpo Koskinen)

Thur 17.2. Room 857 9-11
3. Data collection, transcription and analysis
a. How to collect materials?
b. How to transcribe?

Fri 18.2. Room 857 9-11
3. Data collection, transcription and analysis ctd.
c. Data session

Core literature:
- Hutchby, Ian 2001: Conversation and Technology. Cambridge: Polity Press.
- Heath, Christian & Paul Luff 2000: Technology in Action. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
- Jordan, Birgitte & Henderson, Austin 1995: 'Interaction analysis: Foundations and practice', The Journal of the Learning Sciences 4(1).