Qualitative Methods -- for doctoral students at UIAH (2 cr) // Winter 2007

NEW 21.2.07:

BOOK "Laadulliset menetelmät kauppatieteissä." I finally got time to go to the shop yesterday. I found 3 copies of Laadulliset Menetelmät kauppatieteissä. I'll put them to Reserve in the UIAH Library; ask from there.

BOOK Silverman and Seale. I didn't find my copiea anymore; someone has borrowed them and not given them back. Anyway, read Silverman's Introduction (Chapters 1-2) and chapters on data. For Seale, read Introduction and the chapter on Induction.

Lectures can be printed here:


Lecture: Intro: requirements etc.

Lecture: Basics

Producing Observations:

Lecture: Participant Observation, treated as the basic method in this class

Lecture: Interviews, documents, the sample perspective


Lecture: Inference, I: From Data to Interpretation

Lecture: Inference, II: Generalization, Sampling, Quantification, Argumentation

TASK: Exercise for the last two weeks of February.