Upcoming conferences, Dec. 2007

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- Nordes, Oslo

- International conference on engineering and product design education, dl closed

- DPPI will be in Compiegné, France - the name will probably change into Designing the Aesthetics of Interaction.

For industrial and interaction designers:

Design + Emotion. The quality has been questionable lately, but this was important years ago in turning design away from cognitive thinking and paying attention to emotion. Pretty soon, though, researchers went from emotion to experience. But hope lives; this is very design-oriented. Next time in Chicago in 2010.

Participatory Design Conference. A good place to be for industrial designers who are interested in talking with software people. Biannual, next time in 2010.

World Design Congress. Organized by ICSID and IDSA (internat. and US societies for industrial designers), this conference has sometimes had research components. Helena Hyvönen is in the board of ICSID.

Tangible and Embedded Interaction. This is interesting iff you like to build gadgets.

EPIC, International Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference. This is industrial conference, but may be of interest to academics too.

Historical studies/Design studies:

Design Research Society. This is misnamed: it is British, that that's what the Brits sometimes do. The quality of the papers in this conference in general has been lousy, and its 2006 conference was deemed by everyone I know as the worst conference ever. But there is potential.

International Committee of Design History and Studies. I don't know whether this one is alive, but Professor Korvenmaa probably knows. He chaired its 5th conference in Helsinki and Tallinn.

Design History Society and its next conference. This is British. In fact, ICDHS (above) was set up to be an anti-anglosaxon alternative.

Misc, but interesting:

Mobile HCI. If you're intrested in mobile technology from a psychological perspective, go here.

Computer-Supported Collaborative Work. Marginally interesting for design, combines ethnography to system design. Very high quality. CSCW and ECSCW are organized biannually, even second time in America (CSCW), evern second in Europe (ECSCW). European is more theoretical, American stresses technology. In principle, this is like most softwarce/HCI conferences: the way to get in it so build something. Without a gadget, practically impossible.