ICCA 2006: Panel in the International Conference on Conversation Analysis, ICCA-06, May 10–14, 2006 Helsinki, to conference website

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Technology in the Making: Bringing Conversation Analysis to Design

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Auvinen: Breakdowns of intersubjectivity in cockpit interaction

Ayass: Using the remote control

Denouël: Accomplishing the pop-up in Instant Messaging: a specific form of invitation

Frohlich: Redesigning photo-talk

Krummheuer: Challenging virtual agents - social aspects of program based interaction

Licoppe & Relieu: Some features of conversational and computer work in a hotline call center

Moore, Ducheneaut and Nickell: Talking Through Text in the Avatar-Mediated Interaction of Virtual Worlds

Raudaskoski: The affordances of mobile phones

Routarinne: Responding with smile to/at a computer

Szymanski, Aoki, Thornton, Plurkowski: How Conversation Analysis Informs the Design of Social Mobile Audio Spaces

Workshop organizers

Ilpo Koskinen: ikoskine (at)uiah.fi, University of Art and Design Helsinki (local organizer in Helsinki)
Jack Whalen: jack.whalen(at)parc.com, Palo Alto Research Center
Marc Relieu: marc.relieu(at)enst.fr, École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications
David Frohlich: david.frohlich(at)surrey.ac.uk, Digital World Research Center, University of Surrey

Last updated: Jan. 27, 2006.