Interactive Prototyping

* Ilpo Koskinen, School of Design, UIAH, Spring 2007

Syllabus (NOTE: NEW version downloaded on March 23!

NEW: April 5: Instructions for the design task, technical part

NEW: April 10: Instructions for the design task, design part



Notes on Design Research

Traditions in Prototyping

A Methodological Look at these Traditions

Lectures in Electronics

Timetable in detail (excel file). Note that JM adjusts the lectures when needed!


Thomas Binder and Johan Redstrom. Exemplary Design Research

Marianne Graves Petersen, Ole Sejer Iversen, Peter Gall Krogh, Martin Ludvigsen. Aesthetic Interaction Ņ A PragmatistÕs Aesthetics of Interactive Systems.

Esko Kurvinen, Ilpo Koskinen, Katja Battarbee. Prototyping Social Interaction.

Readings for participants for April 4:

Stephan Wensveen, Kees Overbeeke, Tom Djajadiningrat. Push Me, Shove Me and I Show You How You Feel.

Presented by:

Geneviene Bell, Mark Blythe, Phoebe Sengers. Making by Making Strange: Defamiliarization and the Design of Domestic Technologies //AND// Andrew Boucher, William Gaver. Developing the Drift Table. ((READ THESE AS A PAIR))

Presented by: Zeynep

Preben Mogensen. Towards a Provotyping Approach in Systems Development.

Presented by: Andrei

Giulio Iacucci, Kari Kuutti and Mervi Ranta. On the Move with a Magic Thing: Role Playing in Concept Design of Mobile Services and Devices.

Presented by: Tero

Ilpo Koskinen, Kristo Kuusela, Katja Battarbee, Anne Soronen, Frans MŠyrŠ, Jussi Mikkonen, Mari Zakrzewski. Morphome: A Constructive Field Study of Proactive Information Technology in the Home

Presented by: Salla

Andy Crabtree. Design in the Absence of Practice: Breaching Experiments

Presented by: Petra

Phoebe Sengers, Bill Gaver: Staying Open to Interpretation: Engaging Multiple Meanings in Design and Evaluation

Presented by: Jung-Joo


Presented by:

Alan R. Hevner, Sudha Ram. Design Science in Information Systems Research.

Presented by:

An additional, fun reading that came fron the Netherlands immediately after Ilpo's last talk: Joep Frens. DESIGNING FOR RICH INTERACTION: INTEGRATING FORM, INTERACTION, AND FUNCTION.