Design Research 09


This class introduces design research to new MA students at the School of Design. The focus is on our own work, with the idea of : (1) providing students an understanding of research at the School of Design; (2) providing knowledge of resources available at the School.

Lectures daily 10:15-11:45.

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Lectures: Introduction (html) by Ilpo // Design Research in User-Centered Design by JJ (Note: 3.8Mb!!!) // Inclusive Design by Sonja // Microbiology and design research by Tiina // Practice-led Research by Maarit

Lecturers: Jung-Joo Lee (Tu), Sonja Iltanen (W), Tiina Härkäsalmi (Th), Maarit Mäkelä (F). And Ilpo K. (M). All are at taik (a t) fi.

Literature: JJ's literature list available here (upd: 19 Sept, 20:45)

To join OtaSizzle, go to; for 3G connection, go to; to register to Ossi and Kassi, go to and

Working methods:

1. Listen to lectures

2. Read Empathic Design, available at: link to Empathic design (Note: 8.9Mb)

3. Write a 3-page essay following instructions in te beginning of Introductory lecture by Koskinen

4. Print the essay and bring it to the lecturer you chose, and also to Ilpo Koskinen.

The deadline for the essay is 21 Sept 09. Results 25 Sept 09 in Ilpo Koskinen's room

About updates

+ JJ's talk updated 15 Sept 12:25, as was Sonja's & Tiina's- Maarit's lect was added 16 Sept 20:20.









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