Recent papers by Ilpo Koskinen

This page contains pdf versions of my recent papers. Please note that these are for academic uses only. If you refer to them, please use appropriate reference. I've given them whenever I've been able to. I've arranged this page by my main research areas. Being a professor in a European-style university (lots of hierarchy and too few senior researchers means lots of variability in work and research interests), I work on several topics all the time.

Mobile multimedia and information technology

A good deal of my work over the recent years has focused on information technology and, esp., mobile multimedia and cam phones.

--- Recent papers on mobile multimedia. (23 papers, June 09) Note: I'm barely working on this area today: this stuff is getting old.

--- A couple of studies on WAP. (3 papers, June 07)

--- Design and Proactive Information Technology. (11 papers, Sept 09)

--- 2.4 MB: Utilizing Situated Action Perspective in Usability Testing. This is a paper on usability testing as an interactional achievement. This paper was written for Razorfish, Helsinki/New York. A funny paper in which me and Esko Kurvinen got our hands on a Web usability testing data from San Francisco. The point was that we tried to do "conversation analysis in a week" - and managed to do the analysis and the report in that time, although transcribing the data took much longer.

Design in Society

This is a more recent hobby. With no data, I think it's almost like my duty to explore and explain design and its implications for outsiders.

--- How design impacts cities: Semiotic Neighborhoods. (8 papers, June 07)

--- Design and Society. (8 papers, Sept 09)


--- Papers on various topics. (17 papers, Sept 09)

Ongoing submissions.

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