urban everyday life
existing framework
our voices, in our city, for our city
design explorations
7 scenarios
terms & concepts
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Mediaattori - Urban Mediator:
a hybrid infrastructure for neighborhoods

A design research exploration around urban space, digital media
and public participation

This design research project investigates the area of designing at the boundaries of digital and physical urban space. Its aim is to present cities with a direction for the future that addresses the possibilities presented by the interweaving of new digital technologies and urban space, for empowering people in shaping their own city.

The approach followed is not technologically driven but rather takes people’s everyday practices as the grounding point for the investigation. The design process is built upon dialogues with people and the urban environment as a way of gaining understanding of urban everyday practices and designing in harmony with them. The resulting design concept, Urban Mediator, illustrates a local and people-centered perspective for our urban futures. It proposes a hybrid infrastructure for urban neighborhoods.

The combined digital and physical framework gives people the possibility to engage in improving the quality of their everyday urban environments and their experience of these environments. The concept, presented through scenarios, is developed as a working tool for catalyzing discussion between different stakeholders that would be involved in a future proposal for collaborative design for cities.

The thesis has been produced under the umbrella of the ARKI research group, at the Media Lab of the University of Art and Design.