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Teachers: Marjo Mäenpää, Andreija Starcic & Rod Gorwood
Credits:4 / 6
Course description: Students will learn how to plan, produce and manage artistic and design productions. The course will present the different stages of artistic and design productions such as ideation, production process itself, financing, copyrights and IPR etc. The course will give tools for managing creative processes.
Teaching and working methods: Lectures, tasks in groups, discussions, demonstrations by students.
Previous studies: Concept design
Keywords: project planning, project management, planning, production, ideation, presentation, realization, financiation, knowledge management
Literature: Students will be assigned reading material from a list of literature provided by the teacher.
Assessment criteria: 80 % presence at the course, planning a project and completing tasks in satisfactory manner
Assessment: pass/fail. For 4 cr 80 % presence and active participation to the group assignments. For 6 cr essay: project plan or learning diary (ie notes from lectures reflected through some project, weather on going, own or done project, deadline 18.12.2009, send it to: marjo.maenpaa @
Schedule: week 48 (23.-27.11.)
Place: Taik ateljee

every day 10-15
Lectures at 10-12, assignments presentation and feedback at 13-15 (except on Monday)

Monday 23.11. Project planning, project management, planning, production, ideation, from creative concept to creative production  – Agility in Creative Productions Marjo's paper about the topic
Lecture about managing creative projects, theories of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi,
Michel Polanyi, Ikujiro Nonaka and Hirotaka Takeuchi
13-15 Rob Gorwood – artist in residence, art director Rod's web site

Tuesday 24.11. Creativity and Innovations Andreija Istenic Starcic, University of Ljublijana Universty of Primorsk
Knowledge transfer and innovations. See Andreijas articles below in the list of materials.
Group assignment for students

Wednesday 25.11. Innovation strategies – Creativity, Innovations and Governmental Policy,
IPR, Creative Commons
Marjo: Lecture & group assignment for students

Thursday 26.11. Financing, Budgeting, Earnings models
Lenita Nieminen: lecture & assignment for students Ansaintalogiikat -luento, Liiketoimintamallit & money -luento

Friday 27.11. Knowledge management in Creative Processes – Social Media Tools
Lecture, Sari Östman TY Sari's lecture

Materials & Literature:
Ina Bertrand, Peter Huges, Media Research Methods. Audiences, Institutions, Texts. Palgave. Macmillian 2005. Part I Research on Audiences (35-106)

Keith Goffin, Rick Mitchell, Innovation Management. Staregy and Implementation Using the Penthalon Framework. Palgave, Macmillian 2005. Chapter 5 (144-185)

Tuomas Mylly, Juha Lavapuro, Marko Karo (toim.), Tekemisen vapaus. Luovuuden ehdot ja tekijänoikeus. Gaudeamus 2007.

Creative Commons


Säveltäjien, muusikoiden, sovittajien ja sanoitajien Teosto ry.

Esittävien taiteilijoiden ja äänitetuottajien Gramex ry.

Kuvataiteiljoiden, graafikoiden Kuvasto ry.

Audiovisuaaliseten tallentieden tuottajien Tuotos ry.

AV-arkki - tekijänoikeustietoa

Kansallinen innovaatiostrategia:

Digital economy cab lift Europe out of crisis?

Hands of my Design - Designers e-learning material about copyrigts

Global Creative Economy Conference Summit

MIT Handbook of Collective Intellect

Crouwdsourcing in wikipedia

Luova Suomi, julkaisuja Taidetaustaisen osaamisen hyödyntäminen yritysten kilpailukyvyn vahvistamisessa

Michael Polanyi and Tacit Knowledge

ANDREJA ISTENIC STARCIC E-portfolio for professional learning community

ANDREJA ISTENIC STARCIC Introducing game-based virtual learning environment:
Managing educational change in higher education

ANDREJA ISTENIC STARCIC Virtual simulation game for authetnic learning


ANDREJA ISTENIC STARCIC Interactive Multimedia t-Learning Environments: Potential of
DVB-T for Learning

VIRBUS simulation game for management of tourism, services etc.

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