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Rauman viiniseura r.y. | 05:21 pm :: 6/22/2005
Nautiskelijan viinisivusto | 05:23 pm :: 6/22/2005
Wine Academy | 05:23 pm :: 6/22/2005

Visa Exchange Rates
View exchange rates for top conversions and convert conversions. Visa's currency conversion tool allows creating and printing a currency onverter card.
Elements of Style (Strunk)
Strunk, William, Jr. 1918. The Elements of Style
Rahoitusalan sanasto
This page contains list of finance terms in Finnish and their explanations written or contributed by Mika Vaihekoski
SVnet - Sijoittajan linkkisivusto / Talous- ja sijoitusaiheiset keskustelut
SVnet - Talous- ja sijoitusaiheiset keskustelut.
SnakeMail desktop
Anti spam service and spam filter. Use anonymous disposable email addresses to stop spam.
Infoplease: Encyclopedia, Almanac, Atlas, Biographies, Dictionary, Thesaurus. Free online reference, research & homework help.
Information Please is the world's largest free reference site. Here you can find facts on thousands of subjects including sports, entertainment, technology, business, education, and health.
UIAH WebVPN Services
Virus.Org - Malware Scanning
The Virus.Org Malware Scanning Service, is a free online scanning service, utilizing a number of leading anti-virus products to analyse submitted files.
VIRUSTOTAL - Free Online Virus and Malware Scan [25.9.2006]
VirusTotal is a free virus and malware online scan service

A clean and intuitive torrent search engine site that combines all the major torrent search sites into a single page of search results.
Search and find more torrents
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informaworld beta [20.11.2006]
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YouTube - Asleep In America [19.9.2006]
7 Minute promo for upcoming documentary
Apple - Trailers - The Ground Truth [21.9.2006]
The filmmaker’s subjects are patriotic young Americans - ordinary men and women who heeded the call for military service in Iraq - as they experience recruitment and training, combat, homecoming, and the struggle to reintegrate with families and communities.
Energy Descent Pathways
Oil Crash - Crude Awakening
escape_from_suburbia [6.11.2006]
ESCAPE From SUBURBIA, Beyond the American Dream is an exploration of the second half of the Oil Age.

Documents + Movies

Overlord (1975) [6.11.2006]
Overlord on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more...
DVD details for Sorstalanság (2005) [6.11.2006]
Sorstalanság on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more...
Deliver Us from Evil (2006) [6.11.2006]
Deliver Us from Evil on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more...
DVD details for Moartea domnului Lazarescu (2005) [6.11.2006]
Moartea domnului Lazarescu on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more...

Site Temporarily Disabled [12.11.2006]
Site Temporarily Disabled [12.11.2006]
Catalog: Against All Odds: Inside Statistics [20.11.2006]
Crude Impact: News [20.11.2006]
News about Crude Impact, the documentary film covering the impacts of fossil fuel use on the environment and human rights
"Net Energy Balancing and Fuel-Cycle Analysis" filetype:pdf - ... [25.11.2006]
Energy : Web focus : Nature
Nature is the international weekly journal of science: a magazine style journal that publishes full-length research papers in all disciplines of science, as well as News and Views, reviews, news, features, commentaries, web focuses and more, covering all branches of science and how science impacts upon all aspects of society and life.
Democracy on Deadline | 11.12.2006
A survey of journalists working in various media and languages around the world, as they grapple with their relationships to government, and the dangers of speaking truth to power.
Favela Rising | 11.12.2006
oyun / the play | 11.12.2006
Democracy on Deadline | 11.12.2006
A survey of journalists working in various media and languages around the world, as they grapple with their relationships to government, and the dangers of speaking truth to power.

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PC & Hardware


Mac OS X

Mac OS X Hints
CronniX 11.11.2003
Daring Fireball
DesInstaller 11.11.2003
Diablotin 11.11.2003
Dive Into OS X 1.12.2003
Mac Net Journal
Mac OS X Software 11.11.2003
Mac OS X The directories
macosxhints - 10.3 Enable the floating ... 11.11.2003
Surfin' Safari

Think Secret


PSU Calculator
Notebook Forums
Optimized Firefox builds
Firefox 0.9 compatible Extensions - Mozi... | 14.7.2004.
Firefox Tuning - MozillaZine Forums | 14.7.2004.


MBnet - Hintaseuranta
PC KatuHintaVertailu


IT Reviews
PC Watch
CRN: Test Center
PC-WELT - Hardware-Tests - DVD-Rohlinge 12.2.2004
Reseller Ratings
Storage Review

Blue's News
CDRLabs news
Digital Silence
Tech Report
Tom's Hardware News
TweakPC - News
Virtual Zone
Voodoo Extreme
xBit News



A Theory of Power
Jeff Vail's book and blog on hierarchy, empire, political anthropology, economic systems, philosophy and psychology.
ASPO Ireland News
Boing Boing
A weblog about pop culture
Clean Break :: Main Page
Sightings and discussions of emerging clean technologies that help us help the environment without sacrifice to the economy.
EcoStreet : Peak Oil News Clearinghouse.
Entropy Production
Grist Daily
James Howard Kunstler [26.9.2006]
Khabar Bike News
Peak Energy
Peak Oil News
Peak Oil News - News blog with current coverage of the peak oil issue
Peak Oil News
Peak Oil, Peak Oil Message Boards, Peak Oil Forums, Peak Oil News, Oil Peak, Peak Oil Production
RealClimate » Climate Science [31.10.2006]
Sustainable Energy Blog
The Energy Blog
The Oil Drum - Opinion
What's Next In Science & Technology
Today's Research, Tomorrow's Reality - No gadgets and gizmos in this science and technology blog. Only important innovations in Science & Technology which will drastically change our lives.
An online publication covering tools, models, and ideas for building a better future.
PowerSwitch News
Peak Oil will bring an Oil Crisis generating economic shocks. We look at the energy economic and culture transition as it continues to unfold.
theWatt: Energy News and Discussion
Daily Energy News and Discussion
The Oil Drum: Europe
The Oil Drum is a community that discusses myriad ideas related to Hubbert's Peak/Peak Oil, sustainable development and growth, etc., and the many implications of these ideas on politics, economics, and our daily lives.
Search Engine Land
Search Engine Land is a hub for news and information about search engine marketing, optimization and how search engines work for searchers.
ResourceShelf [20.11.2006]
Search Engine Watch Blog [20.11.2006]
Peak Oil Optimist [21.11.2006] blog [23.11.2006]
Network News | [23.11.2006]
Bull! Not bull [27.11.2006]
European Tribune
ODAC-Oil Depletion Analysis Centre
Energy Smart News Podcast - sponsored by Energy Industries
Interviews with successful executives in the global efficient energy, renewable energy and clean energy industries. Hear from the leaders in the energy field share the strategies to move us beyond petroleum into a diversified renewable energy portfolio.
Critical Mass - Book review blog
Simian Design
Peak Oil, Energy and Policy
M O B J E C T I V I S T | 12.12.2006
The Documentary Blog
Documentary Film News and Reviews
IFC Blog
Resource Insights [15.12.2006]


Everything Linux News
Linux Developer's Network Channel

New on the Net

Internet Resources Newsletter
Scout Report
USA TODAY New on Web
Yahoo! - What's New Internetin herkut -sivusto on käyttäjiensä itse luoma linkkipankki. Linkkejä voidaan etsiä avainsanoilla.

Tracked sites

F W Engdahl | 29.8.2006
Current Cites, 10(10) (October 1999)
First Monday Index
MIT Technology Review
Scientific American

Weekly News

Cool links

Artigen Cool Sites
Britannica - Site of the Day
Netsurfer Digest
New Scientist Planet Science Site of the Day
projectcool sightings
Scout Report
Uutta Linkkikirjastossa

Depletion Blog
eMedia News
internet product watch Week View
Sys Admin Magazine
Spectrum Interactive
The Futurist's Bookshelf
Infoconomy - Books
Renewable Energy World Magazine: Comprehensive renewable energ... [25.11.2006]
Current renewable energy news and analysis, covering technology, policy, trends and information about solar power energy, wind power generation, ocean energy (tidal power), biomass energy, small hydro, renewable energies conventions and exhibition, more


Tieteessä tapahtuu
Center for Media and Democracy - Publishers of PR Watch

Nikkei Electronics
The Inquirer
The Register
VNU Newswire
ZDNet UK News
Computers make us more productive. Yeah, right. Lifehacker recommends the software downloads and web sites that actually save time. Don't live to geek; geek to live.
Nanotech news made simple. informs you about the latest news on a vast range of operating systems, from the well-known mainstream OSes, down to small embedded (but also very interesting technically) ones.

Product News

AKIBA PC Hotline!
Akibahara News
Bios Magazine
Digital World Tokyo
Gadgets, Gear and Good Things from Japan...
Tech Digest
J@pan Inc Gadget Watch
AV zombie
Consumer electronics and tech news for the AV trade and enthusiasts interested in HD DVD, Blu-ray, high definition, video, hi-fi and home entertainment
New Launches
DenGuru is a destination site focused on the digital lifestyle
PC Exposure
TechEBlog, The Latest Tech and Gadget News
gadgets & toys: plain & simple - latest tech news on apple ipod dvd player cellphone digital camera sony psp laptops plasma hdtv pda treo blackberry
Digital Trends
The LCD Resource is your ultimate resource for LCD information. Please refer to our helpful buyer's guide and friendly forums.


CNET Japan LCD review TFT News (english)
CNet 16:10 LCD reviews New LCDS
The definitive LCD thread (Ars)
TFT Central
TFT Technology Breakdown ([H]ard|Forum )
AnandTech - LCD Buyer's Guide
Samsung XC24 (24" WS, LED backlight)
Les dernières news du marché de l'informatique
Samsung CX305T, the 30” Wide LC screen : [25.11.2006]
Samsung CX305T, the 30” Wide LC screen.


Imaging Resource
Steve's DigiCams
Digital Camera everything. Digital Camera articles, reviews, ratings, buying guides, and comparisons.
PhotoNewsUpdate - Photography News Home Page Start page Sony Names new D-SLR Alpha - Apple Releases Aperture 1.1 - Travel Photographer of the Year competition -
Digital Camera Tracker
Digital Camera Reviews, Comparisons and Ratings - Digital Camera News, Digital Camera Tricks, Tips and Tutorials
Canon Rumours page
Latest info on the Canon 1Ds Mk III. The 'mark 3' replacement for the EOS 1Ds slr. All info welcome.


GSM Arena
infoSync World
Reporting from the digital frontier.
MobileGuerilla offers you the latest cellular phone news about all major mobile phone manufacturers like Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson
View and compare your new mobile here! NewMobile doesn't only compare all the newest mobile phones but also shows where to buy them.
Engadget Mobile : Symbian uutisia, Symbian ohjelmia, Series 60 ohjelmia, Nokia ohjelmia, S60 ohjelmia, Nokia puhelimia ja paljon muuta
Freeware for symbian smarthphones
free download symbian application freeware
Mobiili- ja PDA-blogi

S60 phone

Nokia E60 Software, Nokia E70 Software
Buy Opera
Buy the Opera browser for a better and faster Internet experience.
3-Lib, Your resource for all things Psion and Symbian. Features, software, stats and tutorials.
3-Lib Series 60 freeware
E-Series is a blog dedicated to Nokia's E-series devices: Nokia E61, Nokia E62, Nokia E70, Nokia E60
Series60v3.Com - Free Series 60 3rd ed soft
Free Series 60 3rd edition Applications, themes, and games
Sanyci's Nokia s60 freeware collection (s60 3rd freeware)

Symbian Freak
The premier place for symbian users introduces various researches for smarth phone users like: Error Fixes, Modding, Guides, Tutorials tips & tricks, Latest news and off course a detailed forum with professional support for every single user
e61life [1.11.2006]
daily news and more

ShoppingBots 2005 | 10.11.2004
MEDLINE ijs PubMed, Entrez. Javascript ... 23.5.2004.
Microsoft Knowledgebase search
OneLook Dictionary
Search Engine Directory
Web Site Search Tools - Language dictionaries


GoToWorld Universal Translator Dictionary
Lyhenteitä - Kielikello 4-2000
Obtaining WordNet
Translate Websites - Just enter a URL
Writing English - Glossary of Grammatical Terms 5.8

MuroBBS haku
Sea Level Rise simulator (flood maps)
Dynamic maps of sea level rise. Does global warming matter to you?


Leonardo Digital Reviews
Sustainable & Energy Efficient Building
The World's Leading Publisher on Environmentally Sustainable Development - Environmental Books - Earthscan Publications
Complete Review - Links to Book Review sites at the Complete R... [14.9.2006]
Links at the Complete Review
LibraryThing BookSuggester
LibraryThing catalogs yours books online, easily, quickly and for free.

buy BOOKS A Glance Patterns of Software Tales from the Software Community A Glance Software for Use A Practical Guide to the Models and Methods of UsageCentered Design (ACM Press)


Authentic Happiness - Using the New Posi... 31.5.2004.
Dangers of fluoridation
ethicalanalysis 13.8.2003
GASTROLAB´in Kotisivu Kysymyksiä ja Vas... 1.3.2004
Pragmatic Ethics 3.10.2003
Sinusitis FAQ 22.3.2004
WebMD - Interactive Health
Fats & Cholesterol: Nutrition Source, Harvard School of Publi... ~15:27:16


Backpacker Gear Guide 2003

Archives of Skin Care from the The Dermatology Forum ~22:42:29
Collection of patient medical questions and answers about skin care, which are replied to by online doctors from leading medical institutions.
Yang Family TaiChi DVD
Ideation International Publications
Sairaala Laseri
Kognitiivis-analyyttinen psykoterapia vastaanotto VET Helsinki - Google Search


Safety Razors & Blades
Offering the largest selection of Men's Classic Traditional Wet Shaving products, Men's Bath and Shower, Grooming, Hair Care, and Personal Needs products, We ship worldwide,
Vulfix Shaving Brushes
Offering the largest selection of Men's Classic Traditional Wet Shaving products, Men's Bath and Shower, Grooming, Hair Care, and Personal Needs products, We ship worldwide,
How to get that perfect shave - Today, Weekend Edition -
Some people can sleep just about anywhere, but most people require an environment that will help them unwind and relax. Laurel House is the author of "The Guru's Guide to Serenity," and she has advice about how to get a good night's sleep. Read an excerpt from her book.

Google Groups: | 22.8.2006
Gel agents ang GI
The Prostate and Its Problems ~18:33:29 [19 Aug 2006 18:57]
Description of the book The prostate and Its Problems.
Finnish Berry Powders - Marjajauheet (
The dangers of commercial cosmetics and why organic is better [18.9.2006]
A complete reference site for dangerous chemical included in commercial cosmetics and why you should choose organic beauty products as a safer option.
veteraaniurheilija: Suositusta ravinto-oppaastani ilmestynyt t... [24.11.2006]
Veteraaniurheilijan blogin hakusanat
22 Ways To Overclock Your Brain at Ririan Project
You’re reading a blog about health, personal development, productivity, leadership and relationships.


MedlinePlus: Diabetes [20.11.2006]
MedlinePlus: Diabetes Type 1 [20.11.2006]
Diabetes Type 1
National Diabetes Statistics [20.11.2006]
>National Diabetes Statistics
Diabetes: Nutrition Source, Harvard School of Public Health [20.11.2006]
Harvard School of Public Health and Nutrition Research covers latest information on fiber, fats, calcium, carbohydrates, eggs, nutritional pyramids, and fruits and vegetables.
Type 2 Diabetes Information [20.11.2006]
Type 2 Diabetes Information - offers valuable information regarding type 2 diabetes, diabetes treatment and various diabetes diet management techniques.
Diabetes Information - American Diabetes Association [20.11.2006]
diabetes information
Diabetes Overview [20.11.2006]
Defines diabetes, including the various types and treatments. Provides information on the impact and cost of the disease, its increasing prevalence, and research being conducted
Omahoito [24.11.2006]
Diabeetikolle oikean tasapainon löytäminen ravinnon, liikunnan ja insuliinin välille on ratkaisevan tärkeää hyvän ja terveellisen elämän kannalta. Pidä itsestäsi hyvää huolta !
Uudet verensokerimittarit säästävät sormenpäitä [24.11.2006]
kivuton pistäminen on tärkeää - Suomi24 Keskustelu [24.11.2006]
MEDISHOP - Pistolaitteet [24.11.2006]
ACCU-CHEK® | Mikä on diabetes? | Sanasto [24.11.2006]
Happomyrkytys vaatii aina sairaalahoitoa [24.11.2006]
Meters - Diabetes Health magazine [24.11.2006]
Diabetes Health magazine - information on diabetes, type 1, type 2, weight loss, causes, treatments, medication, famous people with diabetes, the essential resource for living well
Duo-Care || Introducing DUO-CARE combined blood glucose and wr... [24.11.2006]
On-line Diabetes Resources: Meters [24.11.2006]
On-line Diabetes Resources: Meters [24.11.2006]
CardioChek for the Consumer [24.11.2006]
The CardioChek brand system is the only truly portable, whole blood test system that helps monitor cholesterol and diabetes risk factors - at home or at the point of care.
Understanding Home Blood Glucose Results - Meters - Diabetes H... [24.11.2006]
Understanding Home Blood Glucose Results - Do disappointing blood glucose results make you feel like a failure?
How often do you recommend changing lancets? - Meters - Diabet... [24.11.2006]
How often do you recommend changing lancets? - What about reusing syringes?
Medishop [24.11.2006] :: Metabolinen oireyhtymä [24.11.2006]
ALL ABOUT DIABETES - Beijing Chaoyang Diabetes Hospital [24.11.2006]
WHO | Diabetes [24.11.2006]
WHO | Diabetes [24.11.2006]
Diabetes Fact Sheets - International Diabetes Federation | IDF [24.11.2006]
The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) is the only global advocate for the more than 230 million people with diabetes, their families, and their healthcare providers. IDF is an alliance of over 190 diabetes associations in more than 150 countries. The mission of IDF is to promote diabetes care, prevention and a cure worldwide. It does this through education for people with diabetes and healthcare professionals, public awareness campaigns and the promotion of the free exchange of diabetes knowledge. IDF is a non-governmental organization in official relations with the World Health Organization (WHO) for over 50 years.
Definition — Metabolic Syndrome Institute [24.11.2006]
Abbott Oy, MediSense: Kauppaikkuna [24.11.2006]

Evira - Elintarviketurvallisuusvirasto Evira [20.11.2006]


MMM Kalastus, metsästys ja porot Vapaa-ajan kalastus Kalastuksenhoitomaksu
Villi Pohjola


Ambiente-Yesterday&Tomorrow 12.6.2004.
Aquarius Records New CD
BBC - Dance Review
BBC - Experimental Review
Exploding Plastic - Dance and Electronic Music Reviews
Pitchfork: Best New Music
CD Revieww
Metacritic: Best Albums of 2006
AlbumVote Latest Albums
new and latest albums
VideoETA - The best source for DVD release dates
DVD release dates for upcoming movies plus entertainment news and celebrity information. Want to know when the latest box office smash is coming to DVD? Check out VideoETA, When Entertainment Happens.
Stylus Recommends
§ Milinkito :: El que tuvo, YouTube : 'Los Ochenta' [23.9.2006]
2006 Albums - Rate Your Music [20.11.2006]
Rate Your Music is an online community of people who love music. Catalog, rate, tag, and review your music. List and review the concerts you've attended, and track upcoming shows. When you rate your music, the site's music/social recommender can recommend similar music and users with similar music taste.

Audio & Video


cables 9.5.2004.
DIY Cat5 Speaker Cables - 1603 28.4

Home Theater

Audio quality - grounding PC etc Re AudioPhile 24-96 sound card Re Drive noise in hard drive recording Re Hissing speakers Re How to reduce hum on audio output (cusl2 sblive) Re Magnetic shielding Re music from my soundcard -- my home stereo Re PC to HiFi Connection Re The REAL Truth about MP3 Re Would a PC without a riser board be better for voice recognition
Digital Audio Sound Cards
Ground loop problems and how to get rid of them
Ground Loops
PC ABX Home Page

DVD and Audio discs

2001 DVD-Audio Music Releases
CES 2001 DVD-A releases
DVD-Audio titles coming soon
DVD-elokuvien hintavertailu (Suomi)
Favorite Animated Films - AVS Forum
Nice ILLUSTRATION of What's DVD-Audio


AVS Forum
BIG Picture Forums
Home Cinema Choice UK forum
Home Theater Forum
Home Theater SPot Forum
Home Theater Talk
Loudspeaker Discussion Area
SMR HT Forums

Hifi Equipment

AURIOS Media Isolation Bearings
DED (Digital Error Detector)
Hifi linkkejä
SoundStage! Equipment Review - Bel Canto EVo 200.2 Amplifier (2-2001)
The Bel Canto EVo 200_2 Amplifier by Stu McCreary

Progressive scan DVD

Arcam - FMJ - News
Cinematrix installer - Progressive scan DVD
Cinematrix PSM-1 opinion
dTV -- TV & Video Deinterlacer
Progressive DVD Player Shootout, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity
Progressive for PAL


AUDIO Bestenliste - reviews - Reviews
eVITA - Kompakt-Lautsprecher
eVITA - Kopfhörer
Hifi Magazine (CZ) Review Stars Database
January 2001 LCD Projector REview Video Systems
LCD projectors
Referenz - DVD von Video - Das Testmagazin - jpc


ACI Sapphire III consumer review
AUDIO Bestenliste
Audio Pro Avantek 9 - cheap
Audioshop - Axiom Loudspeakers Price List
DECWARE - Article about Setting up a Listening Room without Treatments
Dunlavy Cantata
Dunlavy SC-IV-A
Finnparttia Oy
Hifinesse SHOP (.de)
HSU Research Sub REVIEWs
Hsu Research True Subwoofers
Hurricane Hi-Fi speaker placement hints
I have some questions about the nOrh 6.5s
Resonans - Lautsprecher aus Glas
Ribbon Speakers
Room Acoustics Calculator (German)
Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity - SCI-AV Sept 1999
SoundStage! Equipment Review - Axiom Audio Millennia M3Ti Loudspeakers (12-2000)
Speaker Asylum - Re nOrh Marble 9.0 A kit - nOrhbutt, October 18, 2000 at 171941
Speaker Asylum - The Merlin TSM-M. Proof that size doesn't matter. - cooper8168, February 22, 2001 at 142155
Speaker Lust Page - cool looking speakers
Spikes with speakers
SUPERB Axio M3ti review
SVS Powered Subwoofers
SVS subwoofer
The Absolute Sound - Room Treatment and Speaker Placement
Thiel News New Thiel PCS loudspeaker
Time Coherence in Speakers
Ultrasonic tweeter + hearing
Urho Tuominen Oy
Visaton - Home-HiFi
Visaton Lautsprecher 252
Visaton VOX 200 Characteristics and sound (ENGLISH)
Visaton Vox 200 detail
Visaton VOX 200 INFO
Visaton-Lautsprecher ALL
Äänieristys kerrostalossa

10HT polarization plate calibration
7001 Contrast from an LCD
AN4 - Common Video Signal Standards (proxy)
Audio and Hifi
AUDIO Bestenliste
Audio engineers Enemies of Our Ears 15.10
audio hifi magazines
Audio Related Internet Site List © - updated daily by Steve Ekblad
Audiogon high end audio auctions, classifieds, hifi chat
Bassline Acoustic Refinement
Best in Class HTPC Components
Black levels from my point of view
Consequences of Nyquist Theorem for Acoustic Signals Stored in Digital Format
Discussion of Audio Compression
Enhanced Home Theater SMART CALIBRATION... 20.37 5.10
Finally saw the 10HT!
Fix banding Sony HS10
Helsingin Hifimessut 2000
Hifi linkkejä
Highend News Audiouutiset
Highend Studio
Monopoles or Dipoles for Rear channel
Secrets of Home Theater
SMART II FAQ 20.37 5.10
Stereophile Magazine - Magazine Archives
Suomalaiset Hifi-jälleenmyyjät
Surge protection-line conditioner
Svenska Laserföreningen
Sylans Openpage
The definitive video reference DVD
Wireworld Cables
Logton Oy - Kehykset elokuvakankaisiin
DVD Benchmark


Acoustic Sounds JVC's XRCD
Directory of Record shops in the UK
dotmusic - albums reviews archive
dotmusic Dance - Album Reviews
Mo' Music JVC XRCD2’s, DCC, MoFi, et al Reviews
Tower Records - - Mendelssohn, Shostakovich Viol... 29.7
Tunes - Recent Album additions

xVid, ffdshow, mpeg-4 avc and other builds
Interconnects material
... sonic compression an audio compres... 2.12
2.2 Outer Ear 6.12
24-96 Mastering - Dither 28.4.2004.
9V nimh rechargeable, 9 Volt POWEREX NiM... 8.6.2004.
ABX-plots 15.6.2004.
Adaptive Audio Compression
Aivojen rakenne ja toiminta Kuulo 23.10.2002
Artifact Training Page 9.5.2004.
Audio Scientific - Audio Expertise for Digital World
Audio Textbook - Introduction to Sound Recording
Behringer DEQ2496 Curves at Head-Fi (gerg)
Binaural - Title 7.12
Breakdown of the Versions of Audio Note™ D to A Converters Available
British Airways Peter Qvortrup of Audio ... 28.10
cheap binaural mics
Community Topics - Audio & Hometheater ... 4.11
Core Sound's High End Binaural Microphones
Digital Drive 28.10
DIY DAC, tube, non-os, RIAA, etc
DIYaudio Forums - DSP theory 30.10
DIYaudio Forums - Post New Thread 27.11
DLH.Net - PC Cheats 2.1
DSM HRTF Headworn-Baffled Ambient Stereo mics
ENE3802 Auditory Evoked Responses 7.12
ER-4S headphone amp with equalizer
Ernst Terhardt 31.10
Firewall FAQ 1145 pm 8-22-2002
FRD Consortium 5.11
Frequency Analysis and Masking 7.12
Google Search temporal loudness estimat... 3.6.2004.
Head-Fi (Headphone Hi-Fi) - Gaming Headp... 26.11
Head-Fi (Headphone Hi-Fi) - Help in tube... 24.5.2004.
Head-Fi (Headphone Hi-Fi) - Private Mess... 30.10
homepage 28.10
Hydrogen Audio - Look A... 12.12
Hydrogen Audio - shibat... 12.12
International Shipping Information 28.10
John Conover Spatial Distortion Reducti... 2.11
Joseph's Final Year Project Homepage 12.12
K&K Audio - Lundahl Transformers - NEW DAC KIT
Minimum-Phase FIR Filters 12.12
Music Technology Handouts - 1608 12.4
Perfect Pitch Ear Training 31.5.2004.
Portable CD Players measurements
Pre-Pro and Receiver Comparison Chart 4.11 - Faqs - Walkthrough No... 15.11
Prices 17.12
RPG Diffusor Systems 18.2.2004 FAQ - 1608 12.4
Signal Processing - Development Library ... 25.11
Skin Effect and cable impedance 4.11
Sonic Timeworks Digital Audio Software 7.6.2004.
Soul CD Reviews 12.1
T.G. Audio Lab 14.12
TentLabs Super Clocks and Philips MODs
The Perfect Pitch Ear Training SuperCour... 31.5.2004.
The Sound of Capacitors 3.5.2004.
Tulevaisuuden ääniympäris... 7.12
Underwood HiFi high-performance modifica... 7.6.2004.
virtakaapeli 18.5.2004.
Web Events - National Instruments 25.11
Pioneer DV-578A
Acoustics Chapter One: What is localization? | 26.5.2005
Understanding Sound | 3.6.2005
PROFESSIONAL SOUND - Online News | 3.6.2005
The Art of Equalization | 3.6.2005
Norman Koren Vacuum tube audio page | 02:44 pm :: 6/28/2005
BCS Theory of Superconductivity | 02:51 pm :: 6/28/2005
Q Home Page | 03:11 pm :: 6/28/2005
AQVOX - Advanced Quality Audio Devices ~23:10:56 [14 Jul 2005 08:53]
eBay: TDA1543 Non-Oversampling DAC --> Digital Dialogue (item 5788742243 end time Jul-14-05 08:53:42 PDT)
Audio Vocabulary


MicroZOTL tu... 14.5.2004.
6922 tubes (best and worst)
6SN7 19.5.2004.
6SN7 - 5692 Vacuum Tube List 12.5.2004.
6sn7 Audio performance rankings
6SN7 for sale 24.5.2004
6sn7 for sale JAC-MUSIC
6sn7 for sale Vacuum Tubes, Inc
6sn7 NOS tubes - Last additions
6sn7 Röhren FOR SALE
6sn7 type plate voltages
6sn7 Used (Vacuumtubes Inc)
6sn7 voltages and watts 9.5.2004.
6SN7GT VT-231 Audio Tube Performance 22.5.2004.
801 Elektroniputket 13.5.2004.
Adelaide Valve Sales
Audio Bizarro 6sn7 for sale
Best 6sn7 tubes
Best of 6SN7 and GZ34 (Dec 98) 12.5.2004.
Chinese review of 6sn7 variants
Common Tube Model guide
Cryo NEW vacuum tubes (non-nos)
Cryo tubes 6sn7 from TUBE WORLD
Do tube dampers really work
Edicron current production valves
Electron Valve - tested 6sn7 tubes mail order with VISA
Google Directory - tube sellers
Head-Fi (Headphone Hi-Fi) - Singlepower ... 5.5.2004.
Herbie's Audio Lab Tube Dampers 20.5.2004.
How a Vacuum Tube Works 12.5.2004.
Jan Raytheaon 6snwgt
Jim's Citation Amp and Vacuum Tube for sale
Listening to 6sn7 tubes
Musiikkitarvike Kimmo Salminen putket
Preamp - Drivers 12.5.2004.
RPM Developments tube
Röhren 12.5.2004.
SMG - Tuotteet 21.1.2004
Steve's Tube Pages 12.5.2004.
Sylvania 6sn7GTB versions
The National Valve Museum
Tube List 12.5.2004.
Tube Rolling with the HA-2 - Tube rings
TubeData.Org - Tube Data sheets
Tuberolling 6sn7
Tubes Asylum 13.5.2004.
Tubes Asylum - best 6sn7
TubeTronic - 6SN7 Vacuum Tubes for sale
TubeTronic 6SN7 Vacuum Tubes
Upgrading Philips DVD 963SA
Vintage Tube Services
Vintage VT-231 6SN7 5692 Tubes 12.5.2004.
Virtual Valve Museum
TungSol and Syl VT231 6sn7 Tube sources (Head-Fi)

10 Questions to Ask When Buying A Camcorder - Consumers Corner - Consumer Camcorders -
Best software digital EQ (researched) - algorithmix linearphase peq
good opamps for supermacro
Head-Fi is a website and forum for headphone hi-fi, portable audio, ipod and audio enthusiasts.
Maailmanradio - Maailmanradioita
Maailmanradiolla (=lyhytaaltoradio, lyhytaaltovastaanotin) kuulet sekä Suomen ulkomailla että ulkomaita Suomessa. Edullisesti.
periodic noise FAQ

Dtv pvr dvb

Dream-Multimedia-Tv GmbH



Litezone - Trackers
Nočná Hudba [27.10.2006]
BitTorrent Files (L)
TorrentIndex | Fast | Free | Easy | | 16.10.2004
BTbot - BitTorrent Search Engine | 16.10.2004
Updated torrent site list
Torrent Site Status
00DE Network - Filesharing - P2P | 17.5.2005
Rokanova Torrents
Shareage Torrents v.2 : Documentaries
Bittorrent sites
Free Documentaries : Indie Music
Stealth DL in BitComet torrents
emulesettings @Wiki - FrontPage ~15:08:44 [10 Jul 2005 07:35]
DaZZle Emule Mod, the fast version of Emule ~15:06:55 [10 Aug 2005 16:37]
emulesettings @Wiki - FrontPage ~15:08:44 [10 Jul 2005 07:35] - We Burn a Bit - Re:DVD Lifetime Expectancy Tests - Begin - BitBurners' Forum
TechSoup - Forums: Open Source Alternative to VISIO ~21:52:02
btjunkie - the largest bittorrent database
btjunkie - the largest bittorrent database - download mp3,torrent,movie,music,iso,software,xxx,porn,games,anime,file sharing,linux,unix,windows - Polski Katalog Torrentów
Najlepsza strona torrent, mp3, divx, gry, filmy, rmvb, dvd, torent
Torrent Site Status
PIMPED XBMC Tracker - Index
PIMPED XBMC Tracker - Index
btjunkie - the largest bittorrent search engine [27.9.2006]
btjunkie - the largest bittorrent database - download mp3,torrent,movie,music,iso,software,xxx,porn,games,anime,file sharing,linux,unix,windows

Fixing & Debugging

AIW 9800 SE soft-moddable card coming to... 7.1.2004
Archive Comparison Test (ACT) by Jeff Gilchrist 0855 am 8-23-2002
128-bit Software
Beginners Guides 101 Tips and Tweaks fo... 28.5.2004.
Cable select UDMA66
Category CD Diagnostic Tools
Chipset Specs
Codec Warehouse - Codecs & Decompressors - mpeg4 I263 mp42 MP43 IV51 IR32 IV45 VCR2 DIVX Codecs vids - avi
CompuCheap Computer Systems
Connections A Guide to On-Line Writing ... 28.2.2004 - Crack DataBase upgrade your life
DDDessauv DVD+R 2.2.2004
Der Deltatronic-PC -- nicht nur leise, s... - 1704 28.4
Dugu 9 Tweaks - Tweak it till it MHz ! 22.2.2004 offset database
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Epson flatbed scanners 2450 Photo, with a little ... 1.8
Fast Mozilla Privacy Browser
Files in your Mozilla profile directory
firewall page 8.8.2003
Flash Kit, A Flash Developer Resource - Online resource for Macromedia Flash Tutorials SWF FLA images clip art Sounds WA
Forums on the BleedinEdge
GazNET - Anti-Spam - Top 10 Domains
GeForce FAQ
Google Search best OPenBSD firewall statefu... 10.9.2003
Hacked pages
Heatsink Socket A - Analysis of 19 sinks
Hedgehog 370 - Copper Heatsink
How to Make Your Own BlowHole  Pg1
InstantInfo - optical storage
Kiinteät yhteydet
Koneen äänieristystä
Lithium Polymer Battery Article Archive
mac mail order france
Mail Policies and Spam Keyword List
MAM-E Gold Medical and ProStudio CD-R media
Memory FAQs 27.11.2003
Microsoft Download Center
Microsoft Knowledge Base Links
Microsoft Outlook E-mail Security Update
MuroBBS - Suositelkaa kamerakauppoja (eurooppa) 10.8.2003
Napigator Server List
NiMH Batteries Rechargeable Battery -Nimh Batteries Nimh ,aa aaa like Free Power - Thomas Distributing
NT Compatible
opensourceCMS 29.1.2004
Optimizing Your Network Design
Overclockers Arena - Review of Agilent ArctiCooler-In the Beginning
PanuWorld - [NuukiaWorld]
PC to Mac file extensions
PC-Welt Top-200 DVD-Rohlinge
PCGuide - Ref - IDE-ATA Configuration an... 23.2.2004
Plycon Computers - Cutting Edge PC and Cooling Technologies!
Privacy Power! Adware, Badware & Spyware Profiles
Pure CSS Popups
Q254986 - How to Troubleshoot Unknown Devices Listed in Device Manager
Qualys Current Vulnerabilities and Security Threa... 8.8.2003
Quiet PC - many ideas to make pc silent
Radeon Tweaking
Rage3D Radeon Guide 26.9.2003
Roadmap 20XX - 1212 16.5
RSS Search
Scott Schnoll's Internet Explorer Security Center
sfnet.viestinta.roskapostit VUKK (FAQ)
Silencing your PC
Silentium 566 - Noiseless PC Project
Slot A coolers - copper cooler - Attech
Sound proofing
Spam tracking
Spam-senders 1.12.2003
subDIMENSION Nettools -- Anonymizit -- Anonymous Web Browsing -- anonymous security scanners free web usenet free email
Systems Internals
The Epson 1270 Orange Shift Paper Test Site
Top 75 Network Security Tools 12.7 - Home of the Tripwire Open Source Project
Tuning Network operating systems, 01-24-00
Tuning WinXP for Audio
unlock xbox hd
Using Flash 5, Swift Generator, SGui and ODBC Databases
VIA Notepad 1.12.2003
Web Statistics 26.5.2004. Usability and Human Factors for the Internet
Welcome to KProbe 20.8.2003
What is a good result and how to read th... 24.1.2004
Willem's Blocklists
Xtreme Systems Forums
yss's cd-r & dvd-rw pages
Zoiah HQ @ M3DZone
Planet AMD64
New Low Noise Water Pump (SPCR)
C-Systems Quiet Pump
Zalman Reserator modified for silence and more power
Zalman Reserator Modified for Silence
Hyvä hiljainen APS UPS max 500W
Athlon 64 info, oc, boards, chipsets, revisions - GOOD!
Nopeustesti - kotimaan nopeus
Bandwidth Meter
Windows Networing Info


Security Ticker
RFID-Zapper(EN) - 22C3
Disabling 6 Windows Scripting Host associations
Privacy and Anonymity Home
Privacy-Security (UIUC)- no frames
SANS Institute Online - Home Page
Secure your PC
Security tools
SecurityPortal - Stupid, Stupid Protocols Telnet, FTP, rsh-rcp-rlogin
Technical standards and privacy
Tripwire Downloads - Tripwire 2.2.1 for Linux
WhiteICE - Virtually Junk-Free E-Mail
broadband » Forums » Security » Whats You're Security Setup
Calendar Of Updates
comp.firewall URLs
DSLReports Security forum
eMail security test
FW rule database
hpguru's HOSTS File
Internet Storm Center 20.2.2004
List of Lists
Mailinator 16.2.2004
Network Overview --- Internet Traffic Re... 20.2.2004
The Un-Official Proxomitron Forum 29.1.2004
Unpatched IE vulnerabilities
Update Rollup 1 for Windows XP Is Available
Kill Spyware Forums
Spyware Warrior: Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products & ...
Online malware scan

Audio coding news and info

EAC & Ripping

ASPI drivers explained
Bart's page about ASPI
EAC Offset database
Problems with Nero

Project Mayhem - powered by vBulletin and News
Audio cards analogue data

mp3 testing Re FLASH NEWS Jackie's answer on the LAME DLL - AG 1.70 B2 bug Re What the !#@%, LAME sounds like shite using the DLL compared to the EXE
Encoder quality test - airwindows
How to encode top quality MP3-files using Windows and LAME
LAME MP3 encoder and other high quality encoding - decoding tools
Lame Win32 binaries & Useful sound tools
Listening test at 128 kbps
Mp3 Codecs Not Recommended
MP3 Encoder
MpegPlus - mp+ vs mp3 vs AAC vs OGG the truth about ripping & mp3 encoder quality (lame, eac, fraunhofer)
Tools for mp3

Cable Modem

Cable Modem Basics
Cable Modem Card Installation and Configuration
Cable Modem FAQ
Cable Modem university Glossary of Terms
Cable-Modems.Org - Your cable modem reference
CATV CyberLab
Collection of quality Cable Modem links
Installing the Cisco uBR904 Cable Modem
Modem FAQ -- Curt's High Speed Modem Page (28.8-33.6-56 kbps Modem Tips & Tricks)
Motorola CableComm Magazine Articles
NetScanTools Pro 2000 Product Information
Web ProForum Tutorial Cable Modems
Welcome to CableLabs

Cables Premium High-Density 15 pin to 5 BNC Cable - Cable Product Reviews
Cable Asylum - Latest Cable Bibliography - Jon Risch, September 22, 2000 at 094521
VGA And VGA Breakout Product Page


Misc camera discussion

3-megapixel Olympus for less than $800, New Kodak Digital Projector
Announced Products & Rumors
Ansel Adams Educator's Guide, The Zone System
Contax AX Vibration Damping
Contents - Spring 2000 issue of PhotoMedia Magazine Re Konica Hexar RF - more data Re My new Hexar RF Re Pentax ZX-5n vs. ZX-7....... Re Voightlander Bessa R The solutions of Need For Speed PU (Including G-force cards solutions)
Exakta 66 Medium Format SLR Camera
Focus Online Photography Magazine - Canon EOS 3
Konica Hexar RF
News from Photografica
PDN and Kodak present Legends Online Richard Avedon
Professional Photography The Rangefinder Network provides wedding, portrait and commercial professional photographers i
Re Konica Hexar RF
Ritz Camera Board
Shutterbug Magazine - The latest on photography, cameras, film, lenses, equipment, darkroom, lighting, flash, color proc
Voigtlander Bessa L
Voigtlander Bessa R
Why I'm NOT Getting a Hexar RF

Olympus 4Ti

Aftermarket Lenses
Aisa-optiikka käytetyt (SIKAHALPA Zuiko)
B&H OM-4Ti
Beattie Intenscreen Home page Re Functions on Olympus OM cameras Re Olympus OM models Info needed Re Olympus OM-4Ti and 3rd Party Lenses Re Olympus vs Pentax vs Minolta Re Om-4Ti hilight and shadow buttons Re The perfect manual SLR..
eBay item 341317873 (Ends May-29-00 203215 PDT) - Olympus OM-4 body (Like New)
flatbed scanners, 35mm slide scanners, desktop publishing, prepress, recommendations, links, book reviews
HELIOS - Zuiko Linssit (Malminkatu)
High-Tech vs. Low-Tech
KEH Camera Brokers
Kinesis Photo Gear [OUR COMPETITORS -- PAGE ONE]
Olympus - used equipment UK
Olympus Cameras on the Web
Olympus documentation
Olympus Documents in PDF
Olympus Fans Page (HK) - Comments On the Lens
Olympus Fans Page (HK) - My Experience Index
OLYMPUS Guy - Used Olympus Equipment
Olympus Lenses Survey Results
Olympus Links (FAQ, etc)
Olympus Mailing List Information
Olympus OM SLR FAQ, Fri Sep 10 180904 EDT 1999
Olympus OM System Lens Tests
Olympus OM Zuiko Lenses
Olympus OM4 - Best kept Secret
Olympus Resources & Galleries
Olympus systemkameror OM-3Ti, OM-4Ti och Zuiko-objektiv
Olympus Zuiko 50 mm lens from TechnikDirekt
Olympus Zuiko lenses USED
Olymput T4 from Technikdirekt
OM Focusing Screens
PhotographyREVIEW Manfrotto Carbon No. One Series Tripods
Sean's Personal Review of the Olympus OM-4Ti
TPP Used Equipment Other 35mm SLR
Used Olympus Lenses

Alex's Equipment Review - Canon SLRs, EF and EOS compatible lensesCanon
B+W Filters
Camera Equipment Reviews
Camera Review - Photography & Camera Equipment Reviews
Camera Review
Canon A-1 - Main Reference Map
Canon A-1 - Modern Classic SLR Series
Canon A-1 - Specifications
Canon AT-1 Camera - Index Page
Contax - Yashica Home Page
Contax G User Pages
Contax G2 - Why Buy Rangefinder over SLR
Dead Trees Re Comments on Mamiya 7 II Re Is aspect ratio of Mamiya 645 good as 35 Re leica or move up to medium format Re Mamiya 645 AF or Bronica ETRSi Help please Re Mamiya 7II questions Re MF rangefinders -- was - Re Leica story Re Rollei QZ35 Comments and Evaluation - Contax G1-G2
Joe's Astro-photo site -- Hypering Times
Lens tests
Nikon F80
Nikon models compared
Photo Life May 2000 ...Photographic startpage...quick search to photographers, Equipment, reviews, digital,shops,online shop
Photographic Filters, Adapters, Usage..
photoResource Magazine
Rollei 6008 Review
TechPhoto - Photo News, Stuff that Matters
Wildlife Research Photography


CDR Primer

Digital Cameras

Digital Camera Resource Page
Imaging Resource News
Steve's Digicams
Tonal quality and dynamic range in digital cameras ~20:26:09 [14 Jul 2005 05:46]

Flicker, moire and lighting

DisplayMate Manual Minimizing Flicker
Perception and Human Factors Issues Related to the Design of the Virtual Vision Sport
Should IEEE adopt IEC Flicker Standards



)))Reverend((('s Half-Life Visual Tweak Guide - Page3
---=THE TF2-BUNKER=---
Counter-Strike W A R F A R E - The #1 Database For Counter-Strike Cheats & Exploits!
cs @ unbc - Your CS needs Site!
CS Cheaters
cs sprites - counterstrike sprites
eXtreme Cheating
Half-Life - Counter-Strike Scripts and Aliases - Half-Life.pcgame
Half-Life Console Commands and Variables - Half-Life.pcgame - Welcome to Halflife
Hostile Intent the foremost realistic total conversion for Half-Life
Mr.Peepers Rainbow6 Skins for CounterStrike
Netllama Best net cheats site ever
NextWish's Game Modifications
Procheats - Cheats fot Counter-Strike
Wally's CS Maps - Main

Half-Life Editing

Counterstrike Mapping
Half-Life Editing FAQ
Half-Life Editing Resource Center
Half-Life Unofficial Half-Life FAQ - Half-Life Editing - Welcome to the Half-Life QERadiant Resource
QOOLE - Quake Object Oriented Level Editor
The Half-Life Editing Center (HEC) http--www.halflife
The Official QuArK Homepage - News
Wavelength Half-Life Editing - Map TUTORIAL
Welcome to Half-Life Gurus
WorldCraft 2.0 Setup
worldcraft 2.x support faq
WorldCraft newbie's guide - page 1

Unreal Tournament

Tactical Ops The Ultimate Counter-Terrorism Modification for UT

Alawar Entertainment
Computer Trade Weekly
Cyborg Support
Fastest Game News Online
Next-Generation Online
BF2 medals
P9COM :: Unofficial (But Accurate) Battlefield 2 Awards and Ra... ~14:23:37 [18 Jul 2005 04:08]


css engine rates explained
CSS Net_graph explained
CSS Tickrate and CSS rates explained
CSS cl_updaterate explained

Heatsinks and cooling

Advanced Design of Kentucky Custom Built Computers, Gaming Systems, Wholesale components,overclocking,overclocked syste
Alpha PEP66 Mod For Socket Use
Alpha PEP66 modified for Socket A
AnandTech Comparison Socket-A & Socket-370 Cooler Roundup - November 2000
ArticCooler vs Alpha vs Super Orb
Cool down Athlon Via KT133A chipset
Essentials of Modifying that GeForce
FrostyTech Wed, April 11, 2001 022214 AM
Hedgehod beats Alpha PEP66
MatWeb Materials Property Database
Mikhailtech - Cooling Guide - April 2001 - Quiet
Peltier Device Information (Thermoelectric Heater-Cooler-Generator Modules) - Thermal Interface Materials
Temperature dependent elastic modulus, thermal expansion, thermal conductivity database
Tennmax Lasagna II vs Blue Orb The tweak mastery, with German engineering
Zalman Tech - Online Shop

laptop bags

Backpacks - eBags
Bentley's Luggage and Gifts
Brenthaven Computer Cases Re Collisions with Cable Modem to Uplink Re Ethernet Switch Latency Re Half duplex or full duplex
IBM Personal Computing Support
Laptop-Notebook-Handheld PC-Palm-Size-PDA-Pocket-PC-Companion-Computer-Carrying Cases
Lowepro Product Window
Mori Luggage & Gifts
PC Magazine The Perfect Laptop Bag (04-07-98)
Personal Technology Soft camera case reviews
Spire USA - Notebook and laptop backpacks, bags, carrying cases, and gear
Spire USA Zoom backpack
Summary Backpack Cases for Notebooks
Tenba backs
Trager Cross Country Laptop Brief - eBags
Tumi bags
Ultimate Travel Strap
Unreal - game slows down, is choppy, stutters, or lags in Direct3D mode
Victorinox WebPack Backpack NYLON
Victorinox WEBSAK backpack
Victorinox WebSak NYLON
Willow Design's Laptop backpacks
ZDNet Allied Telesyn LanEdge Product Family All in the Family Linux on IBM ThinkPad A20p


m-station ----- Bert Schiettecatte --Mpeg-4 8-2000
Overview MPEG-4 Audio Version 2 (Final Committee Draft 14496-3 AMD1)
THE LATEST Audio Softwares Links

Tips & Tricks

Cable Modem Speed Software Re About to clean reinstall Windows. How do I save my Outlook Express 5 email
DSL - - the place for DSL, ADSL, XDSL, SDSL, G
Logitech Mouse
Micro Unices - An Open Forum for Tiny Distributions
Microsoft Outlook 98 Frequently Asked Questions
Online Resouce for the Abit BP6 Dual celery mobo
Windows 98 Central - Inside Win98 - Reg Tweaks


--== W a r e z s ==--
Adaptec 4.02 Upgrade
Best CD-R Burning Software (SatCP)
CD Media World
CD-R Copy Utilities
DAMN HomePage
Files to remove for CDR burning
Full versions for FREE Audiograbber, Audiocatalyst
Just the Best
KEYGEN STUDiO - What's New
MP3 MediaWorld
MP3 Software Last Updates
Removing Tape Backup files Win98 or CDR
Rename these VXDs
Russian Zero Heaven


XP Security tools & tips

Freeware for Windows NT-2000-XP and Windows 95-98-Millennium from SANS
Jason Levine's Toolbox Script Sentry
List of Lists
Microsoft Security Bulletins
Nethole Microsoft's REALLY hidden files
Security Links By Buzz Walradt
Unpatched IE vulnerabilities
Windows XP pre-SP1 hotfixes
Windows XP Resource Center
Windows XP Tools
Windows2000 & WindowsXP Secure Settings And Configuration

3DSpotlight Windows XP Memory Tweak guide
Default Processes in Windows 2000
Digital-Inn - Search Results
Digital-Inn - [Tip] Windows XP richtig schnell booten
EAC offset database
Every file format in the world 1102 am 8-21-2002
ExtSearch - File Extension
Hacking Windows XP 1106 am 8-21-2002
How to change the Windows XP Product Activation Key ... 1108 am 8-21-2002
List of Lists 1103 am 8-21-2002
Resources For Windows XP (proxy)
Slashcam-VideoX Tips Windows XP TWEAKS - Optimizat... 1232 pm 8-21-2002
Untold Windows Tips and Secrets By Ankit Fadia ankit... 1109 am 8-21-2002
Windows XP Pro Tweak
WinXP Tweak, Hacks and Tips Collection (proxy)


AMD roadmap
Speed test DSL
Lockable Xbox HDs
Fix, Tweak, Clean and Optimize Windows XP
Xbox Hard Drive Compatibility Chart | 5.11.2004
Look'n'Stop configuration
Overclockers UK
List of DDR-Ram with Winbond Chips
SVP Communications 80 Minute CDR
ProDisc Systems - CD-R Media, DVD-R ...
Archival CD Binder pages
Archival CD binder pages (Univenture)
Secol CD Archival Storage
Windows XP SP2 service and file info
K-Probe Scan Repository V2
Razer Diamondback -Dispo... | 1.12.2004
Power Supply FAQ
Stipe Firefox optimized builds oxy7 for A64
CS:Source Commands Listiing
Monitor calibration tool reviews | 2.12.2004
Counter-Strike Source CVARS explained
kuvapankit - saksa
hl2 cvar
BIPAC-7500G Wireless ADSL VPN Firewall R... | 29.11.2004
Interesting People
InfoDesign News
Gogar's Athlon 64 OC Optimize
ffdshow builds binaries
BF2 port numbers
CARDSPEED - Kartenleser und Speicherkarten | 01:23 pm :: 6/19/2005
CSS Skin links and info


Xbox MOD bioses (can't directory list - use direct url)
Xbox4Fun - Xbox BIOS
explanation of xbox tools


Tokyo Subway Map | 13.1.2005 | 13.1.2005
IgoUgo: Tokyo Attractions, Tokyo Fest... | 13.1.2005 | 13.1.2005 | 13.1.2005 | 13.1.2005 | 13.1.2005
Akihabara Electric Town | 13.1.2005
Transportation in Tokyo | 13.1.2005
Google Search: guide to shopping electro... | 13.1.2005
Welcome to Akihabara | 13.1.2005
PARK HOTEL TOKYO | 13.1.2005
AKIBA PC Hotline! | 13.1.2005

Core 2 News
Anonymous and Crypto Mailers
The Internet's Premier Provider of Privacy Report's and Tools, for privacy seekers, tax exiles, expatriates and free thinking individuals! Features the largest offshore and privacy link directory and PT Interactive forums.
UIAH SpamAssassin -sivu
The ESSENTIAL Ripping Guide for EAC ~10:04:02
XtremeSystems Forums - DFI NF4 Ultra/SLi-D BUGS and Fixes Thre... ~09:52:19
This is a discussion forum powered by vBulletin. To find out about vBulletin, go to .
PCI Vendor and Device Lists ~15:12:46
How to use Registry Editor to identify an unknown PCI device ~15:11:21
This article describes how to identify and locate vendor information for a device that is displayed as Unknown Device on the Device Manager tab in the System Properties dialog box. This method can also be used to identify an unknown display...
AXCEL216 / MDGx Windows XP ESSENTIAL FREE Upgrades + Fixes ~15:41:04
AXCEL216 MAX Speed Performance Windows 2003 XP SP1 ME 2000 2K 98 SE OSR2 OSR1 95 NT4 3.1 DOS 8 7 6 Tricks Secrets Tips Tweaks Hacks Fixes MDGx
List of DFI NF4 Ultra/SLI Bios ~13:52:26
This is a discussion forum powered by vBulletin. To find out about vBulletin, go to .
Anonymous Peer-to-Peer File-Sharing | 12.12.2006
Computers that are running Windows XP Service Pack 2 and that are equipped with multiple processors that support processor power management features may experience decreased performance
Provides a fix for a problem where a Windows XP SP2-based computer that has multiple processors exhibits decreased performance or unexpected behavior.
Windows XP Fixes, Tips and Tweaks
Windows XP Tips, Tweaks, Fixes and Utilities. And a Internet Explorer mini FAQ.

ADSL2+ (annex m)

Chipset for ADSL2+ | 3.11.2004
Centillium Palladia ADSL 2++ chipset
ADSL, VDSL och UDSL-beskrivningar, Ken Ehrsson (swedish version)
PDYN | 6300 | 6300 ADSL2+/ReachDSL Enhanced Gateway

Gmail Mobile
Experimental Data on DVD Longevity - Page 3 - Blank Media - Club CD Freaks
Page 3-Experimental Data on DVD Longevity Blank Media. Visit cdfreaks forum now to discuss Experimental Data on DVD Longevity
'Standard Practice for Operating Fluorescent Light Apparatus for UV Exposure of Nonmetallic Materials' - ASTM G154-04
This practice covers the basic principles and operating procedures for Forums - Really Disappointed with DVD Discs Media IT Discussion Forums
Toimivia trakkereita
Toimivia trakkereita

HD displays

Tested and Failed: throwing away half the Resolution by Gary Merson - AVS Forum
This is a discussion forum powered by vBulletin. To find out about vBulletin, go to .
What TeraNex knew six years ago... - AVS Forum
This is a discussion forum powered by vBulletin. To find out about vBulletin, go to .
acer "at 3705" - Google Search

Malware-Test Lab Scan
System Rescue with Knoppix
The Beehive Tracker List >> Active Tracker List
The CMS Matrix - - The Content Management Comparison Tool
CMS Matrix - OSCOM - Open Source Content Management
TipMonkies » Blog Archive » Disposable e-mail address services
TipMonkies is dedicated to bringing technology to common computer users. We highlight new and emerging technologies in a simple way so anyone can learn how to use it.
Anonymous Email, Block Spam, Fake Ema... | 23.8.2006
Block spam and junk email, send anonymous email and fake email. / Google hack: Stop spam wit... | 23.8.2006
Waste of a perfectly good domain name
Monitor Calibration [26.10.2006]
Are things looking murky? Maybe you need to calibrate your monitor!
Monitor Calibration Tests [26.10.2006]
Les Numeriques - TFT LCD speed duels
Comparatif des meilleurs appareils photo numérique et imprimantes
LG L245WP - the first S-IPS 24" [27.10.2006]
LG L246WP 24" 8ms 650e Kasuplan - Search and find more torrents
Search and find more torrents
Torrent Finder :: Torrent Search Engine :: Find torrents [27.10.2006]
Search top torrent sites from one page

Collaboration & CSCW

Online Collaborative Work Environments [12.9.2006]
Collaboration Software: Online collaborative work environments for virtual teams and distance learning
Real-Time Conferencing: Guide to Internet Conferencing
Real-Time Conferencing Software and Services: Comprehensive, independent guide to conferencing services, including rich media conferencing, internet e-conferencing, data conferencing, phone conferencing, instant messaging, chat, and VoIP

CD-ROM access is missing and messages cite error code 31, code... [17.11.2006]
After you remove either compact disc (CD) recording software or other software from your computer, your computer may exhibit the following behavior: In My Computer, there is no access to your CDs.In Device Manager, the following error message...
The Django Book [10.11.2006]
Django, Or why I chose it over turbogears and ruby on rails [10.11.2006]
Microsoft Windows Media - Understanding HD Formats [9.11.2006]
Describes basic HD formats and concepts, including audio and video in HD, common HD recording formats, and storage and backup systems for HD. These fundamentals are essential to understanding topics.
Dual Core Gaming Fix Guide [25.11.2006]
How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install [25.11.2006]
Step by step Microsoft Windows XP Repair Install instructions
File & Settings Transfer Wizard [25.11.2006]
How to perform an in-place upgrade (reinstallation) of Windows... [25.11.2006]
Describes how to do an in-place upgrade (reinstallation) of Windows XP when its installation must be repaired.
You May Lose Data or Program Settings After Reinstalling, Repa... [25.11.2006]
NOTE : The information in this article applies only to computers with Windows XP preinstalled by a computer manufacturer. You may lose data that is stored in the All Users folder and default program templates and settings that are stored in the...
eXtreme Power Supply Calculator - What Power Supply Do I Need [24.11.2006]
eXtreme OuterVision - eXtreme tools for your PC!
Windows XP Professional Services Tweaking
Services Guide for Windows XP
Useful information about Windows XP including tweaks, guides, installation tips, registry edits, pagefile sizing, updates, and an XP Forum.
Disable Avnotify.exe via security policy
Page 2-memory usage for avgnt.exe other anti-virus software
Michael Swanson's Blog : Wallpaper Images
I've been asked many times if there is central location for my macro wallpaper images. So, instead of posting them in individual blog entries, I've assembled the collection here. Each is available at 1920 x 1200 (16:10 aspect ratio, "widescreen") and
250 Free Office Templates and Documents >> on Dumb Little Man
Dumb Little Man shares ideas to make the everyday person more productive in life. Expect to read tips on finance, saving money, business, and some DIY for the house.
How to troubleshoot a "STOP 0xC000021A" error
When you use a server or a workstation running one of the operating systems that is listed in the "Applies to" section, you may receive the following error message: STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error} The Windows Logon Process system process...
Aaron Margosis' WebLog : RunAs with Explorer
How to get Windows Explorer to work with RunAs (and why you might want to).
Bust Banner Ads with Proxy Auto Config | 10.12.2006


Organic Clothing & Goods

Google Groups : | 22.8.2006
organic clothes, ethical clothes, enviro... | 23.8.2006
organic, environmentally friendly and cruelty free clothing and products
- - organic - eco-fri... | 23.8.2006
- - organic - eco-friendly - sustainable - natural Organic Health, Green Paper, Green Guides, Organic Cakes, Green Fashion, Green Travel, Green Beauty, Green Baby, Green Home, MONTHLY SPECIALS, Carbon Offsets

Outdoor Clothing and Footwear | 23.8.2006
Retkivarusteet webistä

Huippukiikarien arviot


Energy & Consulting

WSP Environmental Oy ~10:51:27
"energy auditing" - Google Search [19.9.2006]
Publications - WSU Energy Program [19.9.2006]
The WSU Energy Program produced documents and tools available for download.

Programming & Learning comp.sci

How to Design Programs: An Introduction to Computing and Progr... [14.9.2006]
PLT DrScheme: Programming Environment Manual [14.9.2006]
PLT Documentation [14.9.2006]
Programming Language Speed comparisons
Clean - The Functional Programming Language
Oz / Mozart Programming System
Objective Caml
Haskell - HaskellWiki [14.9.2006]
Digital Mars - The D Programming Language [14.9.2006]
D Programming Language


Matemaattiset apuneuvot I ja II syksy 2006 [14.9.2006]


Boxes and Arrows
Our Favorite Usability books
UPA - The Usability Professionals' Association

Viz 2006

Flight Patterns
Visualizing Basic Algebra
Max Kiesler - DesignDemo - Web 2.0, AJAX, and Rails UI Elements
designDemo is a constantly updated list of next generation web (web 2.0) interface and interaction design. We will show catorgorized UI elements as well as overall page design. Also most design reviews only provide screenshots of the page. When appropriate designDemo will also provide a short demo of the interaction.
visual scratch
10x10 / 100 Words and Pictures that Define the Time / by Jonathan J. Harris
10x10 ('ten by ten') is an interactive exploration of the words and pictures that define the time. Every hour, 10x10 collects the 100 words and pictures that matter most on a global scale, and presents them as a single image, taken to encapsulate that moment in time. By Jonathan J. Harris / Number27
Death_and_Taxes_____.jpg (JPEG Image, 3500x2333 pixels) | A visual exploration on mapping complex networks
US/Iraq Coffin Counter
brain maps, brain structure, primate brain, brain atlas, stereotaxic atlas, Brain Sections, Brain Evolution, Brain Development, Brain Circuitry, Brain Functions, brain atlases, primate brain, brain, neuroscience, neuroinformatics, brain, monkey brain, macaque brain, macaca mulatta, brains, neuroanatomy, brain atlas, neuroscience, coronal, sagittal, brain pics, atlas and pics of brain, mind/brain, brain, neuroscience, mind, brain, brain science, fmri, mri
search: visualize (
Dynamic Visualization Design 1 — Systems of Representation
Gallery of Data Visualization



Google Search pre-attentive color 3.11
Introduction to Color Perception 3.11
Japanese vision anomaly exercises
SBFAQ Part 5 Using Color Effectively 3.11
Vision demos


Chris Mullen - collection ISOTYPE ~16:21:29
Simulation Tools ~08:46:27
A structured review of simulation software tools: languages, integratedmodel development environments, model and algorithm libraries. Tools and softwares for different modelling and simulation paradigms (discrete-event, continuous, web-based, etc) are listed. Each hyperlink contains a brief description of the simulation software.
Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena
visual phenomena, optical illusion, visual illusion

Theories and Styles
Fourier Domain Operations
Small Pieces Loosely Joined
Evolutionary Psychology Primer by Leda Cosmides and John Tooby
The Science Of Binaural Beat Brainwave Entrainment Technology - for meditation relaxation stress management
The science of mind altering brainwave syncronization audio tapes using binaural sound technology for brainwave entrainment. Used to enhance intelligence improve memory create altered states of consciousness meditation relaxation tapes
creative intelligence at work knowledge acquisition, research, meta-analysis application of advanced intelligence in the development and delivery of new concepts, solutions, products and services development techniques methodologies enhancement human brai
creative intelligence at work knowledge acquisition, research, meta-analysis application of advanced intelligence in the development and delivery of new concepts, solutions, products and services development techniques methodologies web site design hosting web design database integration graphics design virtual consumer response center automated intelligence acquisition internet technology consultancy web site advertising placement services search engine positioning binaural beat commercial audio encoding automated energy marketing brokerage international directory of web site advertising rates options placement pure genius network knowledge acquisition research meta-analysis application of advanced intelligence in the development and delivery of new concepts solutions products and services development techniques methodologies exponential growth intelligence enhancement human brain self improvement
Good Physics & Maths Books
Virtual pitch and perfect pitch training
Lab 8: Beats, Lateralization, and the MLD
World Database of Happiness
Inventory of empirical findings on happiness that prepares for research synthesis
Population Density - Persons per sq km... | 26.8.2006
Population Density - Persons per sq km - Flags, Maps, Economy, Geography, Climate, Natural Resources, Current Issues, International Agreements, Population, Social Statistics, Political System, immigration
Don's Lighting Info Center! [6.11.2006]
Thomas Kuhn's Structure of Scientific Revolutions [27.9.2006]
Lean Manufacturing, Kaizan, Kanban, Just In Time Articles
Lean Directions: the e-newsletter of lean manufacturing, published by Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Updated monthly, posts articles and news about lean manufacturing.
Toyota production system | The News is

Math & Statistic

Free map sources
Mathematical Resources: SOFTWARE
Links to software of interest to mathematicians and students of mathematics
Network Theory Ltd
Network Theory Ltd publishes books about free software
A few links related to Statistics Education
statistical Training Program

Peak Oil & Energy

Gardening & Growing

The Official Site of Square Foot Gardening and Mel Bartholomew... [28.10.2006]
How would you like a garden filled with beautiful flowers, fresh herbs and luscious vegetables, but NO WEEDS and NO HARD WORK?
Biointensive Growing

DIE OFF - a population crash resource page ~18:08:36
Jay Hanson: Interview ~19:27:58
DIE OFF - Energy synopsis ~19:30:23
Hubbert Peak of Oil Production ~18:08:34
The Coming Global Energy Crisis and Solar Energy Potential by ... ~20:25:45
Peak Oil - The Peak in world Oil production will change every... ~18:08:39
Peak Oil News and Message Boards - Biodiesel on the Stock Exch... ~11:02:00
Peak Oil News and Message Boards - Brazil to export mass produ... ~11:01:57
Surviving Peak Oil - Article ~11:04:15
Biomass for biofuel isn't worth it ~11:04:13
Peak Oil News and Message Boards >> Forums >> Technology and E... ~11:04:05
Peak Oil News and Message Boards >> Forums >> Technology and E... ~11:14:43 | Ten steps to a sustainable energy future ... ~11:03:58
AlterNet: EnviroHealth: Bush's Energy Disaster ~11:03:52
Green Car Congress: New Study: Ethanol Not a Sustainable Path ... ~11:03:48
Ecocity Builders - Articles ~11:03:46
P E A K O I L | Lecture ~11:25:22
Iraq and the Problem of Peak Oil ~11:29:42
Surviving Peak Oil - Articles ~11:31:46
PowerSwitch - Raising awareness of Britain's Energy Future, ri... ~11:38:55
Post Carbon Institute ~11:39:08 Home Page ~11:41:32
Peak Oil News and Message Boards >> Forums >> Book/Media Revie... ~11:44:58
OECD Statlinks Statistics: Finland is a one-stop-shop for OECD reports and statistics on Finland. Browse the documents in chronological order or by topic (e.g. economy, trade, development, environment, energy, social ...
IEA Energy Statistics - Finland
An international forum for countries committed to advancing global energy security, policy and technology through co-operation
Paris Peak Oil Conference Reveals Deepening Crisis ~11:54:43
George Monbiot » Losing the Battle with Entropy ~12:00:45
Energy in Finland / Statistics Finland (TSEKKAA)
Linkit suomalaisiin energiatilastoihin (HYVÄ)
WWF's Living Planet Report ~12:11:50 | Climate: Goodbye, kind world | Energy and... ~12:42:10
Video - Iraq War_the DOSSIER ~12:51:07
>>>>the DOSSIER - the War on Terrorism Exposed. Oil - Gas - T... ~12:50:49
Direct INFO - provider of up-to-date market and corporate inf... ~12:13:45
peak oil finances
AlterNet: Top 10 Conspiracy Theories of 2003-2004 ~12:25:52 | Peak Oil Headlines - 6 September, 2005 | ... ~12:25:58
YOU BET YOUR LIFE ~12:26:00 - A View From The Peak ~12:26:01 | Magazine Articles ~12:30:55
Peak oil: we have oil - SourceWatch ~12:34:13
The Truth about 'Peak Oil' ~12:34:09
Peak Oil News and Message Boards >> Forums >> Planning For The... ~12:05:16
WPRC Library & Information Service: Books Received ~11:23:27
Nine Critical Questions to Ask About Alternative Energy
From The Wilderness Publications has been as much as a year ahead of the mainstream media on major stories. Now, as the world is undergoing one of the biggest changes in human history we find that attitudes and positions we have been writing about for four years like the dependence of the global economy and financial markets on laundered drug money are finding their way into mainstream press reports and adademic circles. The events since September 11, 2001 have shown that FTW has been ahead of the curve in predicting the current crisis. We offer our readers a unique and accurate map of how the world works, unfiltered by perconception or ideology. Now you can join the major media, politicians and academics from around the world who come to us for perspective and information they can get no place else except From The Wilderness.
NewsNow: Oil
NewsNow: Quality news headlines from the UK and around the world, updated every five minutes, every day
Eating Fossil Fuels
From The Wilderness Publications has been as much as a year ahead of the mainstream media on major stories. Now, as the world is undergoing one of the biggest changes in human history we find that attitudes and positions we have been writing about for four years like the dependence of the global economy and financial markets on laundered drug money are finding their way into mainstream press reports and adademic circles. The events since September 11, 2001 have shown that FTW has been ahead of the curve in predicting the current crisis. We offer our readers a unique and accurate map of how the world works, unfiltered by perconception or ideology. Now you can join the major media, politicians and academics from around the world who come to us for perspective and information they can get no place else except From The Wilderness.
FSO Transcription - "Update on Peak Oil and Beyond" Matthew Si... [3.11.2006] :: View topic - Peak Oil Video material :: View topic - Peak Oil audio material
Photovoltaics - PV Basics
GraphOilogy: The Hubbert Parabola [18.9.2006]
Post Oil Finland Relocalization Group | [26.9.2006]
Peak Oil, Separating Facts from Fictition (Liquid Fuel situation Oct 2006)
Dale Allen Pfeiffer's Storefront - [30.10.2006]
The published works of Dale Allen Pfeiffer, novels, poetry and nonfiction.
PowerSwitch - UK Peak Oil, Oil Decline, Oil Crisis Gas Shortag... [6.11.2006]
Peak Oil will bring an Oil Crisis generating economic shocks. We look at the energy economic and culture transition as it continues to unfold.
Eat The Suburbs! » Energy Descent Action Plan (EDAP) Primer [6.11.2006]
ASPO 2003 Proceedings
ASPO 2002 proceedings
IEER: Energy & Security #4: Top Ten Uranium Mines [16.11.2006]
ASPO 2004
ASPO 2005
Peak Oil Videos
Peak Oil News and Message Boards is a community and collaboration portal about energy-related topics.
Tulevaisuuden pientalo: EKOHIRSITALO - mistä oikein on kysymys... [10.11.2006] - /fall2006/presentations/pdf/ [12.11.2006]
Öljyhuippu | Päävalikko [12.11.2006]
ecotec [12.11.2006]
Site Temporarily Disabled [12.11.2006]
aarni's blog | Post Carbon Institute [21.11.2006]
Tiede || Mies.: Peak Oil Revisited. [21.11.2006]
NuVatsia » peak oil [21.11.2006]
Soopa: Peak oil [21.11.2006]
Blog Search: peak oil [21.11.2006]
Peak oil [21.11.2006]
Öljyn tuotantohuipun seuraukset
perikatoblogi [22.11.2006]
Tilastokeskus - öljykriisin vaikutus kaupunkeihin (tilastokeskus, historiaa)
Peak Oil Trendlines
TrendLines Economics, Energy & Markets
Energy Efficiency: First Things First
Entropy,Energy and Economic Myths, Brainfood
The practical explanations of ecology, Brainfood. Ecology is not solely anthropocentric.Environmentalism is.
Tilastokeskus - Energiaennakko 2005 [27.11.2006]
Tilastokeskus - Tilastot aiheittain - Energia
Kauppa- ja teollisuusministeriö - Lehden pdf-versiot
Verkkolehti 1.7.-31.12./2006
KTM -Julkaisurekisteri-
Kauppa- ja teollisuusministeriö - Selvityksiä ja raportteja (Energia - Ilmasto)
StatFin -tilastopalvelu - ENERGIANKULUTUS | 12.12.2006
EEDRB-Finland-Total Primary Energy Suppl... | 12.12.2006
The World Economy | 12.12.2006
Finland:Country Web Pages | 12.12.2006 is a one-stop-shop for OECD reports and statistics on Finland. Browse the documents in chronological order or by topic (e.g. economy, trade, development, environment, energy, social ...
The World Economy | 13.12.2006
Oil and Energy Trends: A Monthly Publica... | 12.12.2006
Oil and Energy Trends: journal information, contents lists and abstracts on the Blackwell Publishing website.
Oil and Energy Trends... | 13.12.2006
Energy Data around the world
OECD.Stat - database (GOOD)
The Cost of Energy: References | 12.12.2006
Keskeisiä energia-alan tilastotiedon lähteitä
Sähkön tuonti ja vienti

Tips & Tricks

Pesuohjeet (Marttaliitto)
Entsyymipesuaineet - käyttö ja selitykset
Eco-balls Wash Kit
Eco, environmental, recycled, innovative, positive, practical and stylish products for modern living. Live well and reduce your environmental footprint.


Financial Sense Online
Uncommon news for the wise investor since 1997.
Sijoittajan vinkit - 40 sääntö - The One-Stop Shop for the Bear Case [30.10.2006]
Safe Haven | Preservation of Capital | [30.10.2006]
A financial information site with an emphasis on Gold and Preservation of Capital. A large archive is maintained.



Fillarin 11 kohdan säädöt
Vintage Headshock Nexus
Pro Bike - Cannondale Store
Pyöräkaupat pääkaupunkiseudulla
Commuting/Touring Bike ~20:59:02 [09 Jul 2006 22:02]
A discussion of the features of an ultimate commuting and touring bike and my recommendations.
HEBIE. Makes your bike complete. - chainguards
Making Nexus-8 go well (alignment, disc brakes, etc)
Shimano Nexus 8 "Red Band" gearhub: review thread Everything Drivetrain
Stevens Bikes 2007 | town center Flyer ~17:37:44
Das Fahrrad-Programm 2006 - hochwertige, innovative Räder zu fairen Preisen.
Rohloff Speedhub 14 Speed-User Impressions ~10:26:55 [07 Sep 2006 20:50]
One of our specialties is internal gear hubs. We sell Shimano, SRAM/Sachs, Sturmey-Archer and Rohloff internal gear hubs
Rohloff Hub Picker
Retailers of folding bikes, electric bicycles and recumbent cycles.
Freeride Hubs (better than rohloff ?)
We used to distribute Rohloff, but now have a better line of products at lower prices. The Freeridehub bike hubs are the best hubs for downhill - disc brake compatible and freeride friendly. Also great for cross country and commuter bikes such as recumbents..
rohloff speedhub vs freeride hub
Alternative to Rohloff's Speedhub (?!) New Products and Innovations
Nuvinci Compoung Variable Planetary FallBrook hub
Fallbrook Technologies NuVinci
Rear wheel internal hubs (Gear boxx org)
Rohloff noise and drag issues - will get better with use
Page 2-Rohloff new internal hub availability? New Products and Innovations
History of bike mechanics
Histoire du Vélo et du VTT
Ellsworth Bikes (coming soon : NuVinci bike ' The Ride')
Ellsworth & NuVinci - info on new bike line
Ellsworth Cruiser? Ellsworth
Nike Max Optics (least vision distortion according to american test)
Are Internal transmissions the future ( Rohloff, Sachs, Sram, Nexus)
Are Internal transmissions the future Interbike
SRAM i-motion 9 (hub gear)
Sheldon Brown's Internal Gear Calculator ~14:00:13 [24 Jul 2006 20:43]
A JavaScript calculator for analyzing bicycle gearing
Extremely light rotation Sports Hub Dynamos / Shimano
Shifters FAQ (grip shift, rapidfire, etc)
Shiman Alfine internal gear set
mountain biking and cycling news, information and advice, tests and reviews of bikes and equipment
How to Fit a Bicycle 09 Sep 2006 15:00]
A bicycle fitting system that accomodates both your body's dimensions as well as your riding style.
Custom Built Bikes :: Wrench Science ~12:31:52
The Wrench Science formula for a perfect bike, customize, build, buy online.
Making a Bicycle Fit [11.9.2006] [04 Jul 2003 23:42]
Guidelines on how to adjust a road bicycle for best rider comfort.
Ergobike: Competition Bicycle Size/ Proportions Analysis [11.9.2006]
Selecting the proper bicycle size and getting the correct fit
Info on SRAM 9i
Bike frame sizing instructions
The Wrench Science formula for a perfect bike, customize, build, buy online.
Lots of good info on Nexus - load shifting - right shifters etc
Mountain bike discussion and forum
More Great info on Nexus-8 installation
Mountain bike discussion and forum


Math and statistics

HyperStat Online An Introductory Statis... 9.3.2004
MathWorld 9.3.2004
PlanetMath 9.3.2004
The Statistics Homepage 9.3.2004

OLD archive

Botany - Home Page
CalPhotos Plants
Yahoo! ScienceBiologyBotanyPlants
Yahoo! ScienceBiologyBotanyPlantsWildflowers

GPRS phones

An Introduction to GPRS Warnings about GPRS and WAP Hype - Study
GPRS - encoding and slots (calculations with phone examples)
GPRS+GSM Yahoo News
GSMBOX - Previews
Introduction to GPRS (max throughput and slots) Reviews Hardware Mobile Phones
New Mobile Phones
Radiation Report On GSM Phones
SAMSUNG SGH Q100 - Class8 GPRS phone - GPRS - Products
Uutta Esan matkapuhelimissa

Interesting Read

Fame - Interactive Multimedia Future 2010+
Living and Raw Foods Troubleshooting Avoiding or Overcoming Problems in Raw and Living Foods Diets

Lopputyö -99

Arteology Usability Of Artefacts
Consumer Products & Markets (mm. appropriation)
Culture of use study methodology
EBU Technical texts
Evolution overview
inventing memories
IST 99 Programme -- Proceedings index
Mapping (Cognitive Affordances)
Situated design - reflection in a ction
Situated Design
Tech Innovation & Consumer Products (mm. diffusion)
Tetrad Concept

UI Prototyping

A Wizard of Oz Prototyping Tool for SPEECH interfaces
Conceptual User Interface (CUI)
Creative Prototyping Tools What Interaction Designers Really Need to Produce Advanced User Interface Concepts
Denim - integration between tools and practice
DENIM A Sketching Tool for Prototyping Web and Desktop UIs
Desgn and Evaluation of the User Interface - cognitive approach
Exercise User Interface Prototyping
How we do it paper prototyping
Interactive Sketching for the Early Stages of User Interface Design
Paper Prototypes Still Our Favorite Article
Paper Prototyping Tips Article
PDF - Prototyping and Software Development Approaches
Prototype types in UI design
Prototyping for Design and Evaluation
The Art of UI Prototyping - ARTICLE
The Art of UI Prototyping
UI Prototypes
User Interface Analysis White Paper uidesign
User Interface Modeling White Paper uidesign
User interface prototyping - Tips and techniques from IBM
User Interface Prototyping-Concept, Tools, and Experience Article (PDF)
User Interface Standards How to Evaluate
Using Paper Prototypes in WWW Design
Using Paper Prototypes to Manage Risk

35mm Minox Camera
3D Design Online Resources
A Positive Light - Richard Branson's Virgin Success
AJET 10(2) Frampton (1994) - cognitions in a hypermedia learning environment
anti-UBE resources pointer
Aremco Products A8
Athlon & GeForce - Can't We All Just Get Along
Attention! NEW YORK CAMERA - The undercutter among the photo mail-order firms
B&H Photo-Video-Pro Audio Homepage
Cameras and used cameras available from KEH Camera Brokers
CamWorld Random Thoughts, New Media, Web Design Content Management Systems
CD-R dye longevity
Celiac Disease - Coeliac Sprue & Gluten-Free Diet Resource Center
Comments for Point & Shoot Cameras
Contax G2 Review
Counter-Strike A Half-Life modification www.counter-strike
CS-Nation - Your source for everything that is Counter-Strike! If you have a GeForce you need the 0.8 d3ddrv.dll with 413 patch kompaktia etsimässä ja löytyikin Re 3DMarks 2000 bench Re Best P&S for Money Leica Minilux, Contax T2 or other Re Leica Mini 3 vs. Yashica T4 Super Re Need help on buying Point & Shoot Camera Re Rollei 35 Re The best compact P&S zoom camera! Re ultimate good small camera
Dirae Magazine reviews Richard Branson's Losing My Virginity
DocBook uutiset
DVD FreaX - Mainpage
Eclipse Computer Light - Retail
European working group on libre software
GeForce FAQ
GutSpawn's Communicator for CounterStrike - Welcome to Halflife
Hardware & Software News Sites
High-end point and shoots stupidity or money well spent
Jacksons Gastroenterology
KEH Buys Your Stuff!
Lens ratings
Minox, When Size Matters
Paradigm Violators, the infinite loop of innovation
Photodo photo news, articles and tests
Photography Links
Photography Publications D e n i s Denis Zuyev . Want to buy a camera. What we need to know
Point & Shoot Cameras
Point and Shoot Table - Comparison
Point and Shoot threads in photo
Productopia - Point-and-Shoot Cameras
Python Pocket Reference - Quotations on every topic, by every author, and in every fashion possible
Reactor Critical - Download
Reactor Critical
Reading Seminar on Intelligence Augmentation
Region 4 Winners and Losers
Ricoh GR1 - The essential GR1 page
Ricoh GR1 Review
Self and Values An Interactivist Foundation for Moral Development
Shared Understanding
Simple But Powerful DTML Tips
sinErgo - Lefthanded-Ergonomy - PC-keyboards
Spämmäys ja lainsäädäntö
TECHNIKdirekt - 20.000 articles - Digital Imaging, Photography, Video, Hifi and Telecommunication
The Amsterdam Collection of Patterns in User Interface Design
The Dynamic Duo - Cross-Browser DHTML
Tietotekniikan termitalkoot
Tietoviikko OnLine - Uutiset
Towards Dynamic Knowledge Interaction
User Interface Design
Verbal NonVerbal Communication
Videotykki Oy
Virgin for life Richard Branson
Web Site Collection (mostly gluten-free)
WebSites for Journalists Table of Contents
Welcome To DVD Web!
What Camera Should I Buy
worldlink MARCH-APRIL 2000
YTHS - vinkkeja, matka mielessasi!
ZDNN Talkback
Zope on http--localhost8080
­ ­ p a r e g o s ­ ­

- Pricejapan
Advanced Input-Output Redirection
Allt om Stockholm - sökresultat buying info Mathematica Navigator Graphics and Methods of Applied Mathematics buying info The Joy of Mathematica Instant Mathematica for Calculus, Differential Equations, and Linear Algebra
Analogue Addict's Archive Site
AnandTech - Socket-A Cooler Roundup September 2001
anyone use a line conditioner with their projector - AVS Forum
AVS Forum - Greyhawk with Sharp Z9000
AVS Forum - Is there a 5.1 audio analog switcher for DVD-Audio & SACD
AVS Forum - Reply to Topic
Basic Somatosensory Pathway
BoardReader - Message Board Search Engine
Buying Turntables
Bybee Technologies, Inc
Chinese Club Discount Centre Limited
Codex SoftDVD Page
color laser printer tips, information, printer comparisons, reviews, recommendations which laser printer is best
Coming Soon Find out which projectors will soon be out on the market
Cool Audio System on the Cheap by Steven R. Rochlin
CourseWave - Developers of Analytical Educational Courseware
Daniel Jacobson's Bookmarks
Debunking Common Power Amplifier Myths-center
Digital Drive - Just wait until you try an ST (AT&T) optical link,... - LowPhreak, January 16, 2002 at 214102
DVD Benchmark
DVD information for buyers of codefree and regionfree DVD players without macrovision
Export from Japan
Fact frequencies 22 KHz are inaudible for humans
Fast Air cooled PC
Fat Chuck's - Corrupt CDs
FSAudioWeb - High End Audio
Geizhals-Preisvergleich Österreich
Graphic design books new design typography books web digital design collections
HeadWize - Article Preventing Hearing Damage When Listening With Headphones (A HeadWize Headphone Guide)
Hi-Rez Highway
Hiend Systems around the Globe
hifi & records - Das Download-Archiv
HiFi - Audio - Video - Selbstbau - CarHiFi - Alles bei audiomap
Hifi - link . dk Lyd, High Fidelity og surround forum
hitta - DVD Player Section
home products - pioneer elite reference receivers bring multi-channel sound for music and movies
How to find a reference offset,+Herbert&ArtistNumber=429&ResultsFormat=detail
Hurricane Hi-Fi VMPS speakers for sale
HÖRERLEBNIS - Die Zeitschrift für Musik und High Fidelity
Identiteetin tekijät
Internet Application Workbook
Internet Groupware for Scientific Collaboration
kit turntable for diy kits of turntables
lame - Home Theater - LT150 FAQ
Lautsprecherselbstbau BASSTUBA M1 - Breitband Biegewellenwandler im Basshorn
LDSG Introduction - Gallery
Leaderless Resistance
M-Audio Produkte - Delta Theatre - 24Bit-96kHz System
Metroshop, e-shop for computerdele og tilbehør 8.12.2003
mpc Lessons Bass Getting the Best Sound with Direct+Miked Amp Recording
New Anthem AV20 Pre-amp - AVS Forum
New Scientist
PC Hardware reviews, overclocking, news - Socket A - socket 370 coolers round-up
Pioneer Neuer DVD Audio-SACD-Player DV-747 (23.08
Pre-Pro Decision Revisited - AVS Forum
r a d s o f t . n e t the truth about ripping & mp3 encoder quality (lame, eac, fraunhofer)
Recommended CDs
Roger's Profanisaurus
Sam Spade Tools
SCART RGB interfacing
SD damping feet for loudspeakers
Sheffield Test CDs and Samplers
ShoutClub - Decoder Tests
Simpsons Freezing - Welcome to DVDFILE.COM Interactive
Socket A MEGA cooling silent with big outside radial coolers
SoundStage! Network Home Theater & Sound -- Video Noise
Stax Unofficial info
Stereophile Reviews the Revel F30
SurroundFreak's Home-theater Site
Swiftech MCX462 Heatsink Review
Taideteos merkkinä
TechWorks Product Search
Teres Audio
The Avon Lady's OFP FAQ
The Coaster Factory - Printable Version
Townsend Records
View Points - Place of Interest for Audi... 14.1.2004
vintage posters - antique posters - Vintage Poster Works
vinyl - records
Vinyl Asylum - Big bang for the buck is DIY everything, except cartridge - Kurt Strain, November 12, 2001 at 200802 - Download
WAS DARWIN WRONG - The critics of evolution - Home page
Welcome to the Audio DAC page
windows xp optimisations
Yahoo! Groups eac Messages 4694-4723 of 11978
Zingali Colosseum L Our Sudden Impulse..
[audio physic] - Setting up Loudspeakers in a room
[audio physic] - Step-by-step instructions to set up the speakers
CIA-Initiated RV Program at SRI 21.5.2004.
Loose LEDs, LEDs in clusters, LEDs in fixtures, LEDs in bulbs,... ~22:27:41
Arthur T. Winfree ~12:22:00 [13 Jul 2005 14:28]
SELKOKIELI 30.5.2004.
Selkokieli-ohjeisto 30.5.2004.
Cheap source of MAM-E Medical discs and TDK Sentinel
50 questions to ask your LASIK surgeon
Learn Thai
learning tonal languages
Thai tone principles explained
World of Visual Statistics | 21.10.2004
PieSpy - Inferring and Visualizing Socia... | 8.12.2004
Excellent Self-help books from mental healt practitioners
Steam Users Forums - Finding the cause o... | 6.1.2005
Steam Users Forums - Dust,dust2 stutteri... | 6.1.2005
PowerMax: PowerMax 65 Watt 15 in. G4 Titanium

Google Search: "Monaco Optix XR Pro... | 2.12.2004

Google Search: "Monaco Optix XR Pro... | 2.12.2004
X-Rite: Products | 2.12.2004
Color Management | 2.12.2004
Welcome to EYE-ONE COLOR | 2.12.2004
X-Rite Photo Marketing | 2.12.2004 | 2.12.2004

Conservation OnLine | 01:46 pm :: 6/14/2005
Archives of DIGITAL-PRESERVATION@JISCMAIL.AC.UK | 01:50 pm :: 6/14/2005
Flashlight Reviews and LED Modifications ~22:24:58
Arc Premium AAA
Flashlights made by Streamlight, Underwater Kinetics, Bright S... ~22:38:14 ~22:27:42
Laudatur ab his, culpatur ab illis ~23:04:38 [12 Jul 2005 20:49]
CMC 2004 - Conferencia International sobre Mapas Conceptuales ... ~14:16:00 [18 Nov 2004 15:12]
A New View of Statistics 28.5.2004.
Ethical Consumer magazine's online shoppers' guide
PubSub ~23:29:37
Short Form for the IPIP NEO-PI, Introductory Information ~08:00:50
Bloglines | Most Popular Links ~08:07:10
Cognitive Processes ~08:11:01
A Survey of Cognitive Engineering Methods and Uses ~08:09:50
PDF "Activity Theory, Transformation of Work and Information S... ~13:49:42
Sony Gets Colourful With Vaios - ...
TransCranial Magnetic Stimulator - Share The Wealth ~22:36:37
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation ~22:36:16
The Pragmatic Programmers, LLC ~00:21:51
Software Consulting and Resources for Developers and Managers. Home of Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas's best-selling book 'The Pragmatic Programmer' and The 'Pragmatic Starter Kit (tm)' series.
The Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator ~22:38:36
Activity Theory : Sam Rajkumar ~19:04:54
Sony HDR-HC1 @
HDR-HC1 の価格比較 122,430円~ 【価格.com】についての価格情報のほか、くちコミ情報や製品スペック、ユーザー評価などの情報満載!
Search Results ~20:16:24
Software for Research (using Windows) ~18:15:05
Chen-guang Lu's English HomePage ~19:29:16
Wiley InterScience: Journal: Abstract
Taylor & Francis Group - Article ~12:04:34
"Coordination Dynamics" - Google Search
Futurehealth Bio- and NeuroFeedback
The Simpler Way - Main Intro
Summary statement for website intended to give critical analyses of the global situation, focusing on overconsumption, environment problem, Third World, resource limits,market and growth economy...need for radical shift to alternative society. Contents.
Peak Oil News
Peak Oil News: Consolidated News and Information - Production Theory about the Peak Oil Crisis and Peak Oil Survival.
FSO Transcription - Matthew R. Simmons "Twilight in the Desert" August 6, 2005
PIMCO Bonds - Dialynas Paper Dec 04
The Second Law of Thermodynamics (10) | 22.8.2006
Canon EF-S17-55mm F2.8 IS USM from KAKAKU.COM
EF-S17-55mm F2.8 IS USM の最安価格104,987円~ 【価格.com】価格情報のほか、クチコミ情報や製品スペック、ユーザー評価などの情報満載!
Canon Objektiv EF-S 17-55mm 2.8 IS USM- Essential Systems - [11.9.2006]
Canon Objektiv EF-S 17-55mm 2 8 IS USM - nur für eos 300d/350d/20d und eos 30d geeignet das ef-s 17-55mm 1 2,8 is usm mit konstanter blende von 1 2,8 im gesamten brennweitenbereich und integriertem
The YBBS Video Collection - interesting political videos [13.9.2006]
This is the best Bulletin Board EVER!!! Welcome To The YBBS Video Collection. This is very much a work in progress - so if you have a video you want included, or want to report a dead link, feel free to PM me. Notes About the Videos: The videos are in a variety of formats - see the bottom of this page for more details on this. All videos are hosted off-site and may become unavailable.
Stylus Magazine’s Top 100 Music Videos of All Time - Article -... [23.9.2006]
Pitchfork Feature: 100 Awesome Music Videos
GCALSYNC - synchronize your phone with Google Calendar [15.11.2006]
50 Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend [26.11.2006]
GreenGrass Template


Citizen watches Kakaku
Seiko watches Kakaku
Crazy Time : English Watch Shop (Italy) [13.9.2006]

2nd & i-Participate

How to run a network of websites on a shoestring? | DropShipAr... [27.9.2006]
Dropship Business - guide for online drop ship merchants
Nifty Corners [27.9.2006]
A Virtual Community Development Model - The Bumble Bee [31.10.2006]
Poor Richard's Building Online Communities [31.10.2006]
International Personality Item Pool [31.10.2006]
Internet Time Blog: Building Community [31.10.2006]
The 18 Mistakes That Kill Startups
Ideas for Ideapreneurs » The Web 2.0 Checklist [25.11.2006]
EPBD Buildings Platform: Links
The purpose of the project is to support the full and continued implementation of the EPBD to be sure that the EPBD results in substantial energy savings


Wonderful Websites about Mathematics on Squidoo [22.11.2006]
Since 1997, I have spent a large amount of my time looking for and reviewing excellent open content for learning on the Internet. This lens focuses on some of the terrific websites that offer free knowledge about mathematics. Because Internet is so vast, it might seem obvious to think that there are thousands of excellent math websites. There are two reasons this is not so. First, math is a narrow academic subject. It has relatively few topics compared to, for example, biology or history. Second, for academic subjects — same as for search engines, booksellers, and blogs — a few emerge as dominant. Some of these are gorillas and others are niche leaders for small topics. [22.11.2006]
Plus Magazine [22.11.2006]
Plus Online Maths Magazine


Etienne Wenger research
CPsquare - The Community of Practice on Communities of Practice
For those who want to know: Reliable information on health, energy, media, war, elections, 9/11, more
For those who want to know: Key media articles and reliable, information-packed summaries on major cover-ups including health, energy, media, elections, war, 9/11. Together, we can strengthen democracy and build a brighter future.
Value-Creation by Communities of Practice: Measures that Foster Innovation by CPs Archives
How to organize and foster communities of practice in the vocational training field
Community of practice - EduTech Wiki


Harmaja Software Oy - Tarvitsetko laadukkaan toteutuksen inter... [22.11.2006]
How does Drupal compare to Plone? (2004)
Skeletonz CMS - About [22.11.2006]
davyd: Just say NO to Plone [22.11.2006]
Let's build on top of Plone | Desde América, con... [22.11.2006]
Let's build on top of Plone | Desde América, con... [22.11.2006] search for "cms" [22.11.2006]
Joomla! [22.11.2006]
Joomla! - Content Management System and Web Application Framework
Making A Better Open Source CMS, by Jeffrey Veen [22.11.2006]
The CMS Matrix - - The Content Management Compar... [22.11.2006]
CPS Project: About CPS [22.11.2006]
OpenSourceCMS - Home [22.11.2006]
Open Source CMS demo, Try before you ... Install Java technology switch FAQ [22.11.2006]
Midgard CMS: Midgard 1.8: Midgard 1.8 - New user experience [22.11.2006]
Open Source Software Guide at Blog The Internet [22.11.2006] (GOOD)
Your home for blogging, computers, Internet, RSS feeds, software and technology news and information.
eZ publish Open Source Enterprise Content Management System [22.11.2006]
eZ publish is an open source content management system (CMS) and an open source content management framework (CMF).
The Most Advanced Personal Content Management System [22.11.2006]
CMS - SWiK [23.11.2006]
A content management system (CMS) is a loose term to describe software used to organize and facilitate collaborative creation of documents. There are a wide variety of content management systems available: Languages: PHP-based Java-based Perl-based Types: Blog-based Wiki based
CM Professionals - The Content Management Community of Practic... [23.11.2006]
CM Professionals is The Content Management Community of Practice. CM Pros is a membership organization that fosters the sharing of content management information, practices, and strategies. We seek to improve content management practices within all organizations by: Collecting, developing, organizing, and delivering peer-vetted knowledge; Educating ourselves and those we work with on the key issues of content management; Fostering interaction among content management professionals, enterprise leadership, product vendors, and university educators; Identifying, refining, publicizing, and advocating respected content management practices.
CMS Watch: Content Management, Enterprise Search, and Portal R... [23.11.2006]
Independent resource for Web CMS, Enterprise Portals, and Enterprise Search technology buyers, featuring vendor-neutral evaluations of major solutions and systems.
CMS : 2006 Open Source Content Management System Award Winner ... [23.11.2006]
CMS : Packt Publishing announced the winner of the 2006 Open Source Content Management System Award as Joomla!, with Drupal and Plone coming second and third respectively. The winning CMS was selected by a panel of judges, and 16,000 votes from users on More than 70 different Open