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Teemu Leinonen

Associate Professor,
New Media Design and Learning

Learning Environments research group
Media Lab, Department of Media
Aalto University
School of Arts, Design and Architecture

e-mail: teemu.leinonen@aalto.fi
tel. + 358 50 351 6796
fax: + 358 9 7563 0555

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Public ToDo 2011-2012

MA thesis supervision
MA thesis seminar
Doc thesis supervision
3rd sector study project 1
3rd sector study project 2
3rd sector study project 3
Introduction to Media Art and Culture course
iTEC - EU-IST (2010-2014)
Tekes project preparation x 2
Espoo library bus
Paper hospital
EU IP proposal preparation
Layers EU-IST (2012-2016)
South Africa, Shanghai
Tasmania/Melbourne, Haifa
Journal/conference paper 1
Journal/conference paper 2
Brussels, New York
Lisbon, Bogota
Book chapter x 2
Book: New media - new culture
Copenhagen, Cambridge/Boston,
Washington DC, Bogota

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Current and Past Projects

Book: Designing Learning Tools - Methodological insights (2010)
Designing Learning Tools - Methodological Insights relies on experience gained by participating in the design processes of four distinct experimental software tools that aimed to enhance learning in different contexts. The book introduces a research framework by referring to excerpts from selected theoretical and philosophical background sources relating to the design of the learning tools. By building on the framework, the book presents reflection on the design action within the four design cases and concludes with methodological insights.
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iTEC - Innovative Technologies for an Engaging Classroom EU-FP7-ICT (2010-2014)
iTEC is a large-scale pilot involving over 1 000 classrooms focused on Learning in the 21st Century and the design of the future classroom.
> iTEC Website

LeMill is a Web community for finding, authoring and sharing open educational resources.
> LeMill Website

MobilED is mobile learning / mobile audio wiki project with partners in South Africa.
> MobilED Website

CALIBRATE - Calibrating eLearning in School EU-FP6-IST (2005-2008)
CALIBRATE brings together eight Ministries of Education to carry out a multi-level project designed to support the collaborative use and exchange of learning resources in schools.

UNESCO Young Digital Creators Educators' Kit
The UNESCO YDC Educator's Kit is designed to help teachers and educators working in schools, youth clubs, community centres, and training institutes to generate and manage project-based learning activities with young people.
> UNESCO YDC Website

Sound of Our Water - UNESCO Young Digital Creators
The Sound of our Water project gives young people around the world an opportunity to develop their personal relationship with one of the most important matters in the world, water, through their own artistic expression.
> Sound of Our Water Website

Fle3 - Future Learning Environment 3
Fle3 is a web-based learning environment. To be more specific Fle3 is a server software for computer supported collaborative l earning (CSCL).
> Fle3 Website

ITCOLE - Innovative Technology for Collaborative Learning and Knowledge Building EU-FP5-IST (2001-2003)
ITCOLE project focuses on developing innovative pedagogical models, design principles and technology for collaborative knowledge building to be used in European education.
> ITCOLE Website

Bisociation Tool - Papanek's Paper Computer
My "small is beautiful" -project:
> Bisociation Tool
How it works?

Other Areas of Interest

Pedagogical Design / Instructional Design
Instructional design for computer supported collaborative learning and online courses. Design of pedagogical practices, processes and user interfaces for online lerning, learning environments and course materials.

Environments for Creative Team Work
Methods and technologies helping us in our creative working, innovation and design processes. Master's Degree Work (Master of Arts in New Media): The Art of Second Thought - Communication and Cooperation Framework for European Research Project and FLE Research and Design Team.
> Study Report in pdf (37 MB)

International Education Politics
By whom, to whom, where and how - why? Master's Degree Study (Education): Equality of Education - A Comparative Study of Educational Ideologies of the World Bank and the Governments of Zambia in 1971 -1996.
> Study Report in pdf (524 K)

Free and Open Source Technology for Learning
> Open Letter to the World Bank's WordLinks Project
(even though we never received any "thank you" e-mail, our list of open source resources for schools ended up to the project's website: http://www.world-links.org/english/html/opensource.html)

Latest Publications and Presentations

Reseda - research database: Leinonen Teemu - it is not up to date but I am working on it.

Teaching and Online Learning Materials

Master's Thesis Seminar.

Introduction to Media Art and Culture.

New Media Concepts for the Third Sector Study project. Course blog of the study project that explores the role of social media tools and services in increasing the effectiveness and reach of the activities and communication of third sector organizations. The approach is based on design research and prototyping activities carried out collaboratively with a partner organization.

2008 - Composing free and open online educational resources. Experimental online class of ten weeks started on March 3rd 2008 and was finished in May 5th 2008 using Wikiversity.

2004 - Media and Culture. An experimental "Weblog" and Fle3 course in Oulu Polytechnic. Not much content, just the blog in Finnish.

2004 - New Media and Learning Workshop.

2002 - New Media and Learning Seminar. Not much materials, just the programme.

2002 - A Brief History of New Media. Online learning material for MA study course of UIAH Media Lab, University of Art and Design Helsinki. The material and the course was co-produced with Ms Andrea Botero Cabrera.

1999 - Filosofian Kaupunki (City of Philosophy). Online learning material of philosophy course and online knowledge building environment for upper secondary school pupils. The environment was co-produced with Pekka Himanen. No more (freely) online.

1998 - Terevetuloa Uuteen Mediaan (Welcome to New Media). Online learning material of New Media Production for University Students. No more online.

1997 - Ympäristöverkko (Environmental Net). Online learning material of environment questions and online web-environment for secondary school project learning.

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