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Digital TV and learning

Number of digital television evangelists claims that in a several years Digital TV will replace PCs - at least in homes. This will happen because most of the things people want to do with computers can be done with TV, as well.

Almost all new communication technologies have been sold in the first place with the argument of its usage in teaching and learning. This was the case with film, radio, TV, PC and internet. This will be the case with digital TV, too.

One area of the digital interactive TV will be educational services. So far there is very little research of the possibilities to usage of digital TV in teaching and learning. This way this area is still very untouched and for this reason very interesting, too. How the limited interaction provided by the digital TV could be used in learning? Could there be cross-media solutions where different medias best features would be in use in a same learning process?

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  • t-learning study funded by European Community under the IST Programme. The study was made in 2002. Check the Future scenarios.
  • YLE Teema. The Finnish Broadcasting Company's digital TV channel dedicated for culture, science and learning.