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Mobile ICT and learning

Using mobile devices, phones and palmtops, for learning have been already in the air for several years. So far there is quite a little real world examples or research on it. But there are a lot of research projects going on.

It is expected that 2004 there will be some kind of breakthrough in the field of using mobile devices in learning, especially in the corporate training. This is because the new devices both can run more advances applications and the network bandwidth is getting much more broad. Also the industry needs new arguments to sell the new more advanced models for the busy business people.

The new mobile phone technology makes it possible to run multimedia in the devices and to use it as an internet terminal with e-mail, mailing lists, www-browser, etc. This opens the questions if all the "e-learning" applications that are now available for internet PCs will be available for mobile phones, too, or could the mobility bring something totally new to the learning process?

  • Mobilearn EU-IST project.
  • m-learning. The other EU-IST project on mobile learning.
  • IBM about Mobile learning. Mobile learning is NOT about downloading multimedia training materials to a cell phone!
  • Towards a Philosophy of M-Learning by Kristóf Nyíri. A long article with a lot of about learning, but little about mobility of mobile.
  • Gizmodo is a gadget weblog. If you think about mobile learning the latest models of the mobile phone manufactures are not necessarily the most interesting once.
  • More links coming