New Media and Learning Workshop 2004

Credits: 2 (1 + 1 book exam: "Perspectives on Learning")

Teacher: Teemu Leinonen,
Visitors: Riitta Vänskä, Nokia & Timo Väliharju, Mediamaisteri

Dates: 26. - 30.1.04

Location: Media Lab, University of Art & Design Helsinki UIAH , Hämeentie 135 C., 3rd floor, PC class.

Content Description: During the workshop students will do small scale production of learning application (web, mobile, digital TV), interactive learning material, simulation or equivalent. Students' work may relate to such areas as Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL), Problem based learning (PBL) with digital tools, technology-rich physical environments for learning or blended learning. The areas of production can vary from school subjects and cross-curriculum projects to corporate product training and human resource development. The production will be done in pairs or in small groups.

Prerequisites: Phillips, D.C. & Soltis, J.F. (1998): Perspectives on Learning. Teacher College Press, Columbia University 1998.

Possible groupwork themes: